Chapter 93: Cato

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I need to plan for Clove's birthday. Well I have a plan but I need someone's help to make it work. I need to get out of the house long enough to get back to the Capitol, but without Clove noticing. 

It's only about 6, in the morning, but I need to call someone. I lift Clove's limp hand as carefully as I can and shuffle out of bed. I step quietly outside of our room and down the stairs. The third to last stair creaks and I stop in my tracks. I don't hear anything upstairs and decide to jump onto the carpet below. I make no noise and almost tip-toe into the kitchen, where the phone is. 

I tap the digital screen and the phone turns on, with a loud set of dings. I curse mentally but I know that I need to stay quiet. I look through the contact list and find the person I needed to talk to.

"Hey it's Cato" I say quietly and I travel to the bathroom to be safer. I smile as she finally answers, with a simple 'why are you up so early'. "I need your help. Can you distract Clove while I go to the Capitol to get her birthday present" I say and wait for her to answer.

"What were you thinking for her?" she asks quietly, as if mimicking me and I stay quiet. "Secret?" she asks and even though she can't see me, I nod.

"Can you take her on a girl's night out? Just for one night. I can get back in about 10 hours. Just take her for a day?" I ask and shecomplies, thank god. It would have been horrible if Katniss couldn't distract Clove. How would I be able to get her present then?

"I'll do it, should I come to you or have her come to us?" I almost laugh but hold it in. District 12 may be being rebuilt, but there's still nothing interesting there.  

"You should come here, it'll be less suspicious if you just popped up" I almost whisper into the phone "Just please don't bring Peeta. I'm really sorry but I don't trust him enough with my Clover" I add quietly.

"Okay sure" she says almost sadly. "I should get going, Peeta's going to get suspicious" she says and with that the phone call is ended.

"Cato, why are you up so early?" Clove yells from the bedroom. Luckily the call is over and everything's in place but I need a good explanation. I leap up the stairs and jump into bed with her.

"Sorry Clover" I say quietly and I pull her near me. I can try to distract her but the last resort would be a lie. She huffs, obviously displeased and rolls into me. I rub her back softly and she slowly starts to relax. I can tell she's going to sleep and I gratefully accept that. I would much rather she forget about this than me having to lie to her.

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