After shattering every plate Niall owned, you were curled up in his arms crying. "He's just confused Y/N. I promise he'll come to his senses." He whispers, soothing you. Just then the doorbell rings, twice, three times, four times and more. Niall sighs, going to grab the door. "Harry?" he whispers, shocked. You stand peering around the corner. "Please Niall, tell her I was wrong and that I'm sorry." He whispers. You race around the corner, jumping into his arms.


"I'm confused Liam, I thought you wanted kids?" You question. "I do, but not when my career's at its peak." He sighs, standing to go pack his bags. He clambers up the stairs and you break into sobs. He makes his way to the door, "I never thought you'd be the one who would leave his girlfriend because she's pregnant Liam." You shake your head. Tears brim Liams eyes, "Im sorry," he chokes out, "Take me back love? I wasn't thinking about anything but myself." He drops his bags, crying harder.


Once you arrived at Liam's and told him what happened, he called Louis and chewed him out for leaving you. "You don't deserve her!" Liam yells, his face reddening. "Li, can I speak to him?" You whisper. Liam hands you the phone and stulks out, his hands in fists. "Louis, I'm so so sorry." You start, "It's all my fau-" He cuts you off, "No baby, it's all mine. I shouldn't have been so selfish. Come back, I'll be here for you love, forever and always." He crys out to you. "Pinky promise?" You giggle, "Pinky promise." He sighs.


You sit on the floor by the counter you were just leaning over, watching him cook dinner, which was beyond burnt now. You hear the door creak open, glancing at the clock you see it had already been 2 hours. Niall tiptoes into the kitchen, sitting beside you. You sit in silence, soon broken by Niall's heavy sigh. "Y/N, you know how much I love you." He starts. "Apparently not since you don't want our child." You turn, your voice unrecognizable. "It's not like that, I wasn't thinking baby, I want it, its just gonna take some getting used to is all."


Louis couldn't believe Zayn wanted you to get an abortion, and let you stay in his guest room. The next day Zayn came over, begging to see you. Louis held him back, but as you walked into the living room, noticing the scene, you agreed to a walk to the park with him. You walked in silence. "So did you bring me out in the cold for no reason?" You questioned. Zayn kept walking. A few minutes later he broke his silence, "Look, I just don't think I'd be a good father to our child. It's not that I don't want it, it's that I don't want it to hate me. I'm not prepared." He sighs. You stand in front of him, almost making him fall, "Your going to be a great father Zayn. You've had younger sisters, you know what you're doing." Zayn smiles crookidly, "Then let's go, pack your stuff up, and get you back to your real home. With me." Zayn smiles, raising an eyebrow hoping for a yes. "Not unless you beat me in a race, GO!" You shout taking off, giggling.

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