| Chapter Song: Afraid- The Neighborhood |

"Clarke and Orion shouldn't be out here," Finn told Bellamy as we searched the reckage of the Exodus ship.

"Their parents were on the ship. They're looking for answers. You wanna help them? Find me the black box, hard drives, anything that will explain why this ship crashed," Raven ordered.

"Stay sharp," Bellamy warned, and I stood up from my crouched position to go stand near him. "Gronder retaliation for what happened is coming, just a matter of when." He gave me a look, silently asking if I was okay. I looked blankly at the scene in front of me. It wasn't that I didn't feel depressed, I did; it was that I couldn't cry. As much as I wanted to scream and cry, I simply couldn't. My whole body had gone numb, including my feelings.

"Can you blame them?" Finn asked.

"No, I blame you," Bellamy snapped, and I gently placed a hand on his arm.

"Maybe if you didn't bring guns-"

"If they didn't bring guns we would be dead," I harshly spoke. "Why they're coming doesn't matter anymore. It's our job to be ready when they do. We're on our own now."

"Clarke, stop!" Raven broke up the argument. Clarke instantly obeyed, freezing in her tracks.

"Rocket fuel?" She asked Raven. Raven bent down to pick something up.

"Hydrazine," Raven answered. "Highly unstable in its nonsolid form. If this stuff meets fire, we're all a pink mist." She picked up the contatiner and threw it away. "Fire in the hole!" The container exploded on impact, creating a large blast. I subconsiously jumped back. "We need to clear the area."

"Okay then," Bellamy complied. "We move in formation; no straggling, weapons hot. We've got to get back before dark."

↠ ↠ ↠ ↠ ↠

"What's going on?" Bellamy asked when we got back to camp. Everyone was in a frenzy, running around like mad men.

"Someone hit the trip wire," Miller replied.

"A Grounder?" Miller shook his head, and walked to the dropship, Bellamy and I following.

"No way," Someone mumbled, and I had to do a double take myself.

"Murphy?" Octavia asks, and I move back a couple steps. Could you blame me though? The guy almost killed me!

"He claims he was with the Grounders," Derek explains as Bellamy paced.

"We caught him trying to sneak back into camp," Connor added.

"I wasn't sneaking," Murphy spoke for the first time. "I was running from the Grounders."

"Anyone see Grounders?" Bellamy asked. They shook their heads no. Bellamy grabbed his knife. "Well in that case-"

"Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?" Finna asked.

"We were clear what would happen if he came back."

"No, if he was with the Grounders, he knows things that could help us."

"Help us?" I spoke. "We hanged him, then banished him, and now we're gonna kill him." I glared at Murphy.

"No, Finn is right," Clarke agreed, and I looked at her incredulously.

"Like hell he is," Bellamy spat. "Clarke think about Charlotte."

"I am thinking about her, but what happened is just as much our fault as his. He's not lying. His fingernails were torn off. They tortured him."

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