equest: @CookieNugget: I love how this hybrid stuff is getting more popular :D Can I have a Ziall one shot where Zayn finds out Niall is part cat (HOLY MOTHER OF GOD CAT NIALLA IS CUTE NIALL) and Niall freaks out bur Zayn just finds it cute and then talks to Niall about him being okay with it and Niall cuddles up to him and starts purring and they fall asleep c: kthanksbye!

yaay :D thank you for the request ^^ lol so I (marleen) am starting the request like from the first one requested to the last one requested and marlou just does random stuff XD

enjoy! :D


- Niall's POV -

I walked down the stairs, just in my sweatpants. They had a small hole in the bag, so my tail could move freely. It was one of the first lazy days we'd since a really long time. I was happy I just was at my own apartment and I could just be myself. I entered my kitchen and started searching for something to eat. I opened the fridge, causing my cat ears to lie down. Mmm, what do I want to eat? My eye fell on some eggs and milk which were in the door of the fridge. Mm... let's make some scrambled eggs. I took all the things I needed and walked to the counter. I lit the fire, and started cooking.

Humming softly, I put the food on a plate. I purred, oh my god it smelled delicious. I put the fire out and poured in some milk. I walked to my living room, tailing wiggling after me. I sat down, wrapping my tail partly around my waist, and started eating.

I was about halfway my sandwich when I heard a gasp and the sound of something crashing to the ground. I looked up, shocked and saw Zayn standing in the living room. He was completely frozen, looking at me with wide eyes.

At first I had no clue why he was staring at me like that. But then realization sank in. Oh my god, I am in my cat-like form now, without hiding anything. My ears were up high, and my tail waved from side to side nervously.

I slowly stood up, "Listen Zayn, I can explain." I said softly. I put up my hand, kind of reassuring him. I tried to look calm, though I was freaking out on the inside. I didn't want Zayn to hate me! He means so much to me, maybe even more than he should...

I found out that I had a crush on Zayn a long time ago. It took me a while to accept it, but I knew I couldn't deny it. I think my feelings might even be deeper than only a crush, but I preferred not to think about it too much. He would never feel just even a bit the same about me.

He nodded shakily, "O-okay, explain-n." He stuttered, obviously still confused about the situation. I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out. Instead, I let out a strangled sob and collapsed on the grounds. I couldn't stop the tears, this just was all too much for me.

I saw Zayn rush over to me, wrapping me in his arms. "P-please d-don't touch-h m-me. I-I know-w you hate-e me." I hiccupped. I tried to push him away, but I felt powerless due the fact that I was crying. I felt Zayn wrap his arms around me even tighter.

"N-no Zayn." I tried to protest. I felt so terrible knowing that Zayn would probably hate me now. One side of me just wanted him to walk out so I could just sulk here all by myself. I was so afraid for the harsh words that would be coming.

I remember the time that my ex-best friend found out that I was partly cat. I was at his house, we were having a sleepover at his house. He was just gone to the toilet, so I decided I could go change. I quickly pulled my shirt off and pulled down my pants. Just at the moment I was about to pull them up completely, my best friend walked inside the room again.

He gasped as he saw my tail peeking out of my sweatpants. I stood there frozen, but still hoping that he would stay calm and accept it. Just at that moment he started yelling at me, "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU FREAK?! WHAT KIND OF MISTAKE ARE YOU! I CAN'T BELIEVE I EVER TALKED TO YOU, DISGRACE!" he yelled, grabbing all my stuff and pushing it in my hands.