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Fear magic is a powerful thing. It's not meant to be prematurely messed with.

This is a basic ritual to increase your potency of fear; positively and negatively, meaning you will be able to scare more people with ease, but you yourself will be more vulnerable in turn.

Required Items

Preferably thick, blank paper or parchment


A thorned rose

An egg

A cup of salt water

A yellow cloth

Bark from a dead or rotten tree. (No life [insects, termites, bugs] may be present in it)

4 idols, each must be different, and crafted of metal


A sharp knife, that can cut or carve wood

Of course, a large table

The Idols

The first idol should depict an enigma, or at least in concept. Something maddening.

The second shall depict the woods or a ram

A Shepard

Pure eternal grotesquely (This may be the hardest to find)

All of the idols MUST be made of metal.

The Ritual and other Prep

First, preparation. Gather all of your ingredients in a near spot, in the same room of course, but all yet somewhat separated so to prevent unwanted interaction, perhaps on a table.

You must be tired, sleepy, or it must be easy to sleep on cue , and remain calm through the ritual

The time must be between 10:00 PM to 11:59 PM, and a new moon must be present.

The egg shell must be dissolved in vinegar, leaving only the inner egg.

Keep the ink nearby, but not within or near the base items.

First, place the salt water anywhere with a reasonable distance radius, then place the shell-less egg south of it, 1.5 feet is fine, but no closer. Place the cloth horizontally opposing to the salt water, same distances.

Pluck the petals from the rose and place them into the salt water, and take the longest thorn out of it, or at least the easiest to hold and write with, this will be necessary later. Place the bark horizontal to north, same distances. The idols will be placed 'first through forth', as in the chronological list above. The first idol will be placed next to the salt water, the second to the bark, the third to the cloth, the fourth to the egg.

Take the thorn, dip it in the ink, and this next part will be crucial. Write the elder sign on the paper, and place it in the middle. Dip again if necessary, between each interval.. Draw the thorn across the cloth, leaving a black mark with the ink. Dip the inked thorn into the salt water now, hopefully turning it a darker color or a mass of ink in the water, for the next part, you may need another thorn, for it may break, scribble the inked thorn onto the bark until it leaves a noticeable black mark.

Upon the egg, make sure you have the ferrofluid handy; you will need to switch tools quickly, and the ferrofluid must be fairly plentiful, and dip your thorn into the ink once more, for better assurance. Quickly, puncture the egg with the thorn, through speed you can only have faith or hope that the ink had gotten into it. Pour ferrofluid on all of the idols, this will display a trippy effect, but this is none of your concern in this ritual. Now raise your head and chant "Peta Babkama Luruba AnakU Ina Apsu Ti[A] Adarusu War, Gu-UL rabi-ilu, Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Hastur, MA Shub Niggurath!"

Ram the knife into the table, AWAY FROM the ritual objects. Then, with all your might, carve a vortex shape around the ritual objects.

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