Chapter 7: Adolenscent, Day 1

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Baby Butler

Chapter 7: Adolescent, Day 1


Ciel Phantomhive can’t fathom why his inhumanly perfect butler is late for his morning wake up call. Searching the manor, Ciel ends up in Sebastian’s room. The Earl finds himself staring face-to-face with a raven-haired, crimson-eyed demon baby.


It was utterly embarrassing. Ciel glared into the floor length mirror at the reflection.

How could his eleven-year-old demon butler be taller than him? Ciel stood in his usual black heels and still Sebastian towered proudly above him by at least three inches. Grumbling to himself, Ciel blamed it on demonic genes, not the fact that he had yet to have a growth spurt.

“Is there anything else, Young Master?” Sebastian asked, standing perfectly straight next the young Earl. Tanaka collected the half empty teacup that sat neglected on Ciel’s side table. Sebastian was taking on more and more of his previous jobs. The demon could now control his human form and the wings, horns, claws, teeth and tail had disappeared. His aging had showed no signs of slowing, to Ciel’s relief. The young Earl wanted his butler back. For now, Ciel’s only major obstacle to get over was the memories Sebastian seemed to be missing.

Ciel shook his head, straightened his eye patch and turned on his heel. “I wish to have a chocolate pastry of some sorts with my morning meal. I will be in my study until it is ready,” he informed, heading out of the room and down the hall.

Today was a busy day. A new problem had arisen with the factories in France and Ciel was having a hard time finding the root of the issues. On top of that, he had to fill out some documents for a new toy Funtom Company was releasing and sign papers for this and that. Luck was still slightly on Ciel’s side because he had not yet seen the ominous letter with the familiar red seal. Her Majesty did not yet need her obedient watchdog. Ciel wasn’t sure how such a task would be completed without the aid of his black knight.

Once the young Phantomhive was seated behind his large wood desk, he got to work on lessening the usual pile of papers covering the polished wood.


“Ciel~!” a highly obnoxious voice – in Ciel’s opinion – called.

The young Earl sighed tiredly just as his study door burst open and slammed against the wall. The loud violet haired Indian Prince, Soma ran in, leaned over Ciel’s desk and gave him a deathly hug that could rival Elizabeth’s.

“Let me go!” Ciel gasped, struggling to pry Soma’s strong arms off of him.

The young Indian Prince let go and grinned. “It’s been so long, little brother! I hope you aren’t burying yourself under all this work! We should have supper together. Agni, go make us some curry!”

“As you wish, my Prince,” the ever loyal white-haired man replied and bowed before leaving the room.

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