Tough Love

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Leoni POV

We had fallen asleep wrapped up in each other's arms on the fluffy rug in front of the fire. Basking in the glow we felt after we made love. I loved not only how he made me feel as he brought my body to it's peak... but I also loved feeling his excitement, arousal, devotion and love over our bond as he touched, caressed and slid into me. And my Goddess, falling asleep snuggled up to my mate's naked muscular chest was just blissful.

Midway through the night Storm woke me up, she was pacing and on edge. Before even opening my eyes I knew something was amiss - I felt discomfort in my lower stomach. Instinctively I lifted the blanket covering my mate and I - the scent of iron hit me square in the face. I swiftly reached down to gently touch the entrance to my vagina with my fingers, before bringing my fingers back to see the distinctive red on them. I gasped and began to panic. I started to shake my big sleeping mate.

"Logan...there's Blood! I'm bleeding! Help me!"

He groggily opened his eyes but within 2 seconds flat was on high alert and I could sense his own panic across our bond. His previously calm aura suddenly thrummed with energy and intense worry. I could tell he was linking someone but even as he did so he had me wrapped in the blanket and was running out of the cabin with me. He ran across the snow in his bare feet without even flinching and I could feel him using his healing abilities to try to help Storm deal with whatever was causing me to bleed.

"Logan... our baby..." I cried into his shoulder. Storm wasn't answering me, I was begging her to tell me if she knew if our pup was okay. I imagined that she didn't know or she would say.

"He will be Fine. He must be Fine." Logan said firmly, his lips forming a tight line after he spoke, "You will Both be Fine my love. I will look after you."

We reached the medical centre in the pack house and Logan pushed the main doors open with such a force that one flew right off its hinges and landed with an almighty crash. Mel and a nurse came running to us with a trolley bed. In a whirr of activity and urgency I was rushed through to an assessment room and felt cool jelly being placed on my stomach, I jerked slightly at the sudden cold sensation.

I was vaguely aware of the nurse returning with a pair of shorts for my very naked mate. She passed them to him with a slight nod- making sure to not look directly at his form. Logan slid them on, never leaving my side.

"Sorry Luna, that's cold I know. We need to see what's going on with the pup." Mel spoke in a low but efficient tone whilst she was busy turning on the ultrasound machine beside me.

Logan stood stoically next to me and I could sense his overbearing protectiveness filling the room. He took my hand as Mel pushed the probe against the skin of my stomach. My heart raced nervously... my mind praying to the Goddess that our pup was ok...

After a few seconds which felt like a lifetime the room was filled with the sound of our pup's heartbeat and Mel, though still studying the screen carefully, seemed to visibly relax.

I exhaled a breath that I hadn't realised I was holding and glanced up at Logan. My blue eyes met his bronze ones and I gave him a small smile. He leaned in to kiss my forehead.

Standing up again he looked to Mel. "How is our pup Mel?"

"Alpha, Luna... the pup is doing well. He is a good size for this stage in gestation and the heartbeat is strong as you can hear. Look - that's his heart beating there on the screen." She pointed to the screen and we could see the tiny fluttering image of his heart. I could also see his head, his arms, his legs... he was beautiful. My baby. I felt myself smiling as I stared at the screen transfixed.

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