Chapter 1 - Prologue

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My name is Mia Chloe Jackson. I am 17 years old. My birthday is November 23, 1995. I go to Norwest Christian College, and I'm finishing my junior year.

I have two older brothers. Dan, the younger one, is 22. He's my fun brother. He's always coming over.

Hayden, on the other hand, is 26 and isn't very fun. He's always doing work and with his wife and little boy, Caden.

Our school has a bad boy like most schools. Our bad boy is Michael Clifford. He has tattoos and piercings and dyes his hair.

My parents don't like him. They think he'd be a bad influence on anyone, especially me because I'm considered to be the school's "good girl".

I'm just like any other "good girl", though. I may be the "good girl" as others call me, but I'm not what others think I am. Others think I do things like go to the library and read all night, but that's not it. I'm with Michael. Yeah, that's right.. The school's bad boy and the school's good girl are dating. It's a long story of how this came to be.

My parents don't like Michael and me together. They think he's a bad influence on me. He definitely isn't. He's he best boy friend I can have, and he's just bringing out the real me in me. I also bring out the real Michael in Michael.

We are great for each other, and I don't know how my parents don't see it.. They think of me as a good girl, because that what they've wanted me to be, as their youngest and only daughter.

Hayden agrees with mum and dad, thinking Michael is bad for me. Dan, though, thinks Michael is great for me. Dan has always known I wasn't going to be a "good girl". He knew there was always a daring side to me.

I proved my parents wrong and Dan right. I love Michael, and he loves me, so there's nothing they can do about it. Or so I thought...


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