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I pedaled frantically in every direction. "Oh my fucking God..." I panted. "He's left me..I guess our friendship is over" I've known him for a long time and the thought of our friendship being over just brought tears into my eyes. "Maybe he doesn't hate me..what if..WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO HIM!?" I let out a small gasp at the thought of that. Warm tears streamed down my cheek as I thought of him being dead. I hadn't been looking where I was going due to all the thinking about Ethan I have been doing, and so my bike tire got stuck on a rock and the whole bike flung me forward. That just reminded me of the fall and I blushed, my cheeks turning a bright Crimson. "Fuck." I said in pain as I sat up and examined a scrape on my knee. It bled warm, red blood. I stared at it curiously and the swiped it up with my index finger and stuck that finger in my mouth. I sucked on my finger taking in all the blood I can get. "That was weird of me to do." I thought in embarrassment. I got up and picked up my bike, brushing off all the dirt and twigs off it and then mounted my bike once more and kept going. I looked around at the forest. It was truly beautiful. The trees were so tall and thick. Some had carvings on them saying things like " J + B " inside a heart. I thought that was sweet and one day, when Ethan was finally mine, I would carve out initials inside a heart on a tree in this very forest like previous couples had done. The leaves on the trees were thick and branched out in every direction. Small slips of sun peeked out from the tiny opening s between the leaves and reflected off my silky hair and metallic bike. Birds and insects flew through the humid forest air and it smelled like freshly mowed grass. I saw a shiny thing sticking out from a pile of leaves. I pedaled slowly closer towards it and then I got off my bike and approached it. I brushed off all the leaves in different directions to bring up the thing. There before my eyes was a royal blue bike with onyx wheels and a little metal bell on the handle bar. It was Ethan's. I thought that maybe he left it here and went exploring. I lifted the bike up to see if it was damaged and it seemed to be fine apart from some mud on the tires. Then something caught my eye. Under the bike, was a long, brown plaid felt scarf. It was also Ethan's. This meant trouble. He never took off his scarf. Even if it was summertime. He even slept in it. Although I told him it was dangerous since he might choke himself, but he never seemed to listen. I knew it. He was dead. Gone. Forever. I would never see those beautiful blue eyes again. Or those cute little freckles. I'd never hear those offensive jokes he would always say anymore. Such a weird humor he has. I would never be able to run my thin fingers through his silk hair. I would never wear another hoodie of his that smelled of his cologne..not anymore at least..and..he would never be mine..now that he's gone.

I held the scarf close to my heart. My eyes began to water until they became a pool of tears and I just could not hold them in anymore. Tears streamed down my cheeks and I hiccuped between sobs. I know that people might say that I'm only 12 and I don't know what it is to truly love. But I do know, and I also knew that I loved Ethan. I also knew he did not feel the same way.

I sat against a thick wall of leaves, or so I thought when I suddenly fell inside the wall still clutching the scarf. I lay down there on the floor inside what looked like to be some kind of leafy chamber or den. I was dumbfounded and all of it happened so fast. I heard a soft snore and I rolled over onto my stomach as leaves fell off my hair as I did so. My different colored oculars darted around the chamber and I saw nothing. Squinting, I saw a figure behind a curtain of vines. I crawled over to it and stuck my hand in it and pushed it aside. There it was. Ethan's limp, lifeless body. I heard another small snore and quickly realized that it and from Ethan. Tears of relief streamed down my cheek as I saw him there sleeping. His handsome face looked so peaceful, so relaxed. I sat by him and ran the back of my index finger against his cheek. His skin was so soft, so perfect. Not a single sign of acne to be found.

He turned away from me in his sleep and I smiled. I was so happy that he was alive. I picked up his wrist and checked the time. "10:00" it read. "Oh shit." I whispered. I had to wake him. I didn't want to but I had to. We had to go back. Or my parents would kick my ass. He knew his would too. I put my hand on his shoulders and shook him gently. "Ethan...wake up.." I said softly.

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