Chapter 4

Holly's POV

I was kinda in shock I just saw James

Like he's changed so much but he hasn't


We had a moment just before he left and half of me was like 'ugh just kiss me already ' and the other half was like 'we haven't seen each other in 4 years should I feel like this'

'Hey bug do you want to order pizza' dad snapped me out of my thoughts 'um yeah sure ' I reply

I decide to text James first

TO :James :3

Hey wanna do something tomorrow ? :]

After a while I got an reply

From :James :3

Um do you want to watch us film ? If that's ok

To: James :3

Yes ok what are youse doing?

From : James :3

Um ...we're eating warms

To :James :3

Haha nothing I can't handle

From James :

Ok ill call you tomorrow night :)

To :James :3


*The next day *

James picked me up at around 10 am it wasn't as bad as I thought it was I could not stop laughing

' well that was..interesting ' Jai said

'Um yeah' skip replied

'Lets get something to eat ' I ask

'Yesh I'm starving ' skip says and I giggle

'Oh you can meet my girlfriend beau said

'Ill call her'

'Whats her name?' I ask curiously

'Her name is shae ' beau says proudly

As we crossed the street James put his arm around my shoulder. I missed this spending time with him, talking with him

'So how was it in England?' Jai asked

'Um cold' I said not really thinking about it

'Well here we are ' James says grabbing hold of my hand and walking inside

'Well there she is' beau says walking over to the end of the room

I saw him put his hands over some girls eyes who I was assuming was shae and we all started to walk over to them as beau and shae were starting to suck each others faces luke cleared his throat

'Oh sorry erm shae this is holly,holly this is shae

'Hi ' I said and she hugged me

'Hello I'm shae ' she said beaming with happiness

'Well lets get something to eat than ' skip whined

'Typical' I thought

"How come you look so familiar "

I asked shae feeling a bit embarrassed

"Oh she was a school captain at Our school just before you left ' James explained

'Oh ,so how'd you meet beau ?' I ask shae

'Um well I went bowling with a few friends and one of my friends dared me to kiss the next boy that walked in and it was beau I was actually so embarrassed I walked out anyways one day he was dropping Jai and Luke off at school one day and he noticed me and got my number '

'Wow that's actually really cute ' I say

'Well I think so' beau kisses shae on the cheek

When the waitress brought shaes pancakes she got her phone out

'Im tweeting this' she announced 'oh holly do you want me to tag you?'

She asked

'Yeah sure uh my user is holly_bensonx '

My phone buzzed

'@ShaeJackson mentioned : pancakes with the boys and @holly_besonx ! I think I'm in heaven :D pic/hptt3245'

After an hour we decided to go home

'Hey wanna have a movie marathon at mine?' James asked

'Yeah sure ' I reply and snuggle under his arm as he wraps it around my shoulder it felt like home


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