Amzy's pov

I woke up from my beauty sleep ! I sighed cause its sunday and i woke up too early ! I walked out from my room ! I open the maa and papa's room door and saw them sleeping peacefully ! I locked the door and climb the stairs down! I saw ruksana was no where to be found ! That's mean she is sleeping ! I checked the time its 6 in the morning !

I came back in my room but i can't sleep ! So now i'm going to prank shehry ! Yeah shehry ! I called his landline from my landline ! After 5 rings he receive the call !

Amzy : " buahahahaahaaaa ! Abhi tk sou rahe ho ? "

Shehry : "kia huwa amzy itni subha kyun uthaya !? "

Amzy : "tmhen kaise pata laga ye main hun ? "

Shehry : "chahey main behra kyun na hojaun tb bhi tmhen pehchan lun ga ! "

Amzy : "ohhh awwwww ! Sherry berry itna pyaar mjhse ? "

Shehry : "haaann naaaa ! Bolo kia kam hai ? "

Amzy : "yaar i'm getting bore ! Tm bhi uth gaye ho ! Bahar chalen breakfast k liye !? Pleaseeeee say yes ! "

Shehry : "emm okay adhey ghantey main ata hun ! Tm ready rehna ! "

Amzy : " okay ! "

Shehry's pov

I walked upto my bathroom ! I brush my teeth ! Wash my face ! And set my hair without gel ! I took my phone and car keys ! And walked out from the house and knock the door !

I was checking my phone when amzy open the door ! Her hair flew back with the air and she smiled sweetly and my heart went wild ! And i smile at this moment ! She came out and look the door behind ! She walked with me towards the car ! I opened the car's door for her, she smiled and sat on the passenger seat ! I drove the car and asked her "soo kahan ka plan ? " .

"Emm halwa puri ya phr paratheyyy ! " she said and i noded ! We reached the halwa puri point ! We both went in and sat on a table ! Then i order halwa puri ! She asked " so raat ka kia plan ? Mona tmhen aur mjhe jaldi bula rahi hai rehne k liye tou chalna hai ? " .

"Emmm han chalna tou hai but ati k pass bhi mjhe jana hoga ! Sain bhi ati ki side se aye ga tou main soch raha hun mona ki side se aun kyun k wo bhai manti hai mjhe ! " i said and she smiled widely ! I speak up "emm mehwish ko bhi le len ! "

Hahaha ! I know she hates her but i don't know why ? She's kind a sweet person ! Amzy's eyes shoot up on my face and she gritted her teeth and said "tmhen kuch ziada hi pyaar nahi jaag raha mehwish se ? Wo khud bhi asakti hai ! " .

"Yaar le chalte hain naa ! " i was annoying her and she replied furiously "haan usko lejao mjhe nahi jana phr ap k sath ! " .

I was about to say something but she stood up and about to left the table when i stood up hold her wrist ! She turned and her head hit my chest ! Her face was down ! When i slightly put my finger on her chin to lift her face ! She looked up in my eyes ! Our gazes met ! Its like the whole world stopped !

"I know you don't like her and i don't like her either " i said and small smile crept on her face ! She hugged the life out of me ! And said "shehry you know wo achi company nahi sath rehne ko ! Is liye mana krti hun " .

We sat back on our table munch on halwa puri ! And as we went back to the car ! She sat on the passanger seat i sat at the driving i was driving back home ! When i heard her yawning ! I turn ny face and saw her sleeping peacefully in her seat !

We reached at the home ! When i tried to wake her up but she's a heavy sleeper ! I opened her seat belt and took her in bridal style ! Her head was on my chest and still she was sleeping peacefully ! I smiled at her and rang the door ! Ruksana opened it ! I steped in and laid her on the sofa ! I turned and see ruksana was standing behind me and smiling !

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