Back in Grayson Manor, Daniel Grayson is sitting down, with his work files in front of him, although work is the furthest thing from his mind.

Of course there is only one thing on his mind, Emily Thorne. The same, single thing that had not left his mind since that beautiful memorial day last summer.

When she spilled her drink all over his jacket, oddly, he couldn't be happier. He called it fate. It was fate and some gravitational pull that had brought her to him, and so he hadn't minded one bit that his jacket got stained.

That jacket still hung in his wardrobe. He had only worn it twice~ the two happiest days of his life. The day he met Emily Thorne and the day she agreed to marry him.

Although sometimes things don't go as planned. He was deeply upset about the events of last winter.

He still hadn't had it dry cleaned. He kept it in his closet, hidden away so Ashley couldn't see it, but it was still there nonetheless. He kept it like that in it's original form and it gave him hope. Hope that he could someday return to the person he originally was. Hope that someday, Emily would marry him and they could be happy together. Just the two of them.

He should be upset about Emily and Jack, but he honestly understood why she did it. She said his dog died. That was as good a reason as any. He didn't know if it was true or not, but he believed her.

His dog had died and he needed someone to comfort her. Daniel had known that they were always close. Maybe he should have questioned if they got a little too close.

And she was right, he had changed. Riker's had changed him. So had all their family's secrets. He had always known that the Grayson family had been embedded in secrets and lies, but he had majorly underestimated just how deep they ran.

He couldn't blame her. If it was him, he probably would've walked away from himself as well. He hated the person that he had become, and if she wasn't with Jack, he may have even changed for her. He would do anything for her.

Then he thought back to their conversation at the hospital the other day. Charlotte said she loved him. Could it be true? There is nothing else he would want more.

But no. It couldn't be. Yeah, she had acted nice towards him, but that would have only been because of Charlotte. She cared about her, and was only acting like a good friend.

As much as he wished it wasn't true, something that his mother had said was right. 'Allowing yourself to fall for someone comes at the risk of a painful price'

His mother hadn't been right about many things, but this she had been totally correct.

He had fallen for Emily, and he had fallen hard. He had fallen so hard, that when it ended, his heart had shattered into a million pieces.

It wouldn't happen with Ashley. Not that he thought it would. He had fallen in love with Emily, and anyone next to her, would appear like a drop in the bucket.

'Daniel, here's an invitation for you.'

Daniel comes out and looks at his invitation.

Oh, great. Memorial Day, he thinks. Why does it have to be memorial day??

Memorial day means one year since he met Em.

This would be the first time he would see her as an ex- fiancee. Yeah, he had seen her a couple of times since they had broken up, but this time would be different.

It wouldn't be just the two of them, Ashley would be there too. And he had to suck it up and act like the good boyfriend. He couldn't let his heart off guard again.


'So what's this dirt?' Nolan asks.

'Shortly after our breakup, when I realised my feelings for Daniel, I sent him a letter. Telling him my feelings, and asking him to meet me for coffee.'

'And...? Forgive me for being confused, but Ems, where are you going with this?'

'I never heard back. Then today, I hear Daniel say he loves me. Well not in those words exactly, but around that general area.'

'I knew it. What did I tell you? So what's your point?'

'I don't think Daniel ever got the letter.'

'And you think his sidekick kept it from him?'

'Ashley? Yes. I'm almost certain of it.'

'I don't know Ems. That's your big dirt. Not really your style.'

'I don't need something that big on Ashley. She destroyed my love life, not my childhood. And it turns out, she didn't even destroy that. Plus this will be big enough to send her crawling back to Croydon.'

'So what's the big plan then? How will this takedown occur?'

Just as Emily goes to speak, she is interrupted by a knock at the door.

'Delivery for Miss Emily Thorne.'


With that, the courier walks away.

'So anyway, as I was saying Ems? Hello? Earth to Emily? What's going on? What was that parcel?'

Emily looks down at the box in front of her.


Miss Emily Thorne,

Victoria Grayson cordially invites you to her memorial day party.

Saturday 28th May

Starting at 3pm

Grayson Manor


'Ems. Hello.'

She smirks.

'I've found my opportunity.'

'What? What was the parcel.'

'An invitation, to a memorial party.'

'So you're going to it?'

'We are.'

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