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Hi~ E-Ermm... This is my first fanfic. Screw that. I had just made an account here. '-') So, I'm very sorry if I have soooo many mistakes. Well, I doubt anyone's reading this though. QwQ Anyway, English isn't my main language so, I'm sorry for any grammatical error and my lack of vocabulary (lol) Well, enjoy~ ----------------------------------------------

"You have a big house, a nice future waiting for you, a cute sister, and a pair of great parents," your father shamelessly grinned. "basically everything anyone could wish for, so why would you want to shorten your lifespan by choosing to be a hunter?" he asked.

"Dad, I'm bored."

your father flinched as though this hurt his feelings.

"Why? You can ask for anything you want, you know? A unicorn perhaps--"

"Dad, I'm not 7." You tried hard not to roll your eyes. "Believe me, dad, I will come back safe and sound. With a hunter license and um... cookies."

Your dad sighed as he failed trying to stop your from taking the hunter exams. "You 84, me 0." he said. "Alright, I give up. Just come home safely, alright?" He kissed your temple.

"And if you get a boyfriend please break up with him within 7 days. Thank you."

You frowned. Like hell I'd be able to get a boyfriend.

"And don't forget to always keep your credit card safe, because even if you lose everything else you have, you can just buy them at a market."

"I'm not sure some markets accept black cards but uh, whatever you say."  You said as you put the card he handed to you inside your backpack.

"Also, don't forget to always smile and mind your manners, sweetheart."

"So did you fail again?" Your mom snickered as she entered your bedroom.

"From your look, I can already tell. Alright, we only have an hour before the ship departs. Let's hurry up."

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