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“Ah crap I'm gonna be late...” said Andrew Clarke as he was rushing to get ready for work. No matter how hard he tried, Mondays always gave him a hard time in the morning. Stumbling around his small apartment, he gathered the last of his things and walked out the door, but almost tripped when he hit something sitting outside his front door. “Sonofa...!” He said aloud. Looking down he saw that it was a box. Resisting the urge to kick it, he knelt down to see who might have sent it. It was blank on all sides, no name, return address, shipping sticker or anything of the sort. He looked around, picked up the box and lightly shook it wondering what might be inside. He heard something lightly moving around. “Well, whatever it is, I'll deal with it when I get home.” He said as he went back in his apartment to place the box on the dinning room table and left for work.

Later that day as the sun was beginning to set, Andrew returned home. All day he couldn't stop thinking about what was inside the box. “Alright, let's find out what's inside.” He thought to himself as he went and grabbed a knife from his kitchen. Cutting through the tape and opening the flaps, he saw the box was filled to the top with packing peanuts. “I really hate it when people do this.” He stuck his hand in and felt for whatever was inside. Feeling something, he pulled it out and saw it was an oldish looking green book. Looking at the cover he saw that it had no title or author. “Oh boy, an ancient blank diary.” He said sarcastically, tossing the book aside. He knew that wasn't the only thing in there, so he reached in once again and pulled out an old rusted skeleton key. Andrew looked at it with a puzzled look. Shrugging, he placed the key down and reached into the box once more, but he didn't find anything else. “That's it? All this for just these two things?” He said sort of annoyed. He looked at the book for a few seconds then picked it up and opened it. The first page was blank. He flipped to the next page and it to was blank. Page after page he finally reached the end of the book. There were no words on any of them. Laughing under his breath, he pushed the book aside and picked up the key to inspect it. The key didn't have any insignia or any name on it. After just staring at it, he placed it on top of the book and just sighed. “Wow. I wasted all that time for nothing.” He thought as he got up from the table with the book, key and box in his arms. Going over to the garbage can, he looked at the two items one last time and tossed them in as well as all the packing peanuts inside the box. “I guess I can keep the box.” Andrew said, trying to make it sound like at least something good came out of all this.

          The next day, Andrew woke up early than the day before. Showering and heading out into the kitchen to make his breakfast, he was dumbfounded to see that the book and key were sitting on the counter top. He stood there just staring, he even rubbed his eyes in case he was seeing things. “ I threw them away...” He muttered as he went over to the trashcan to really see if they'd been taken out and sure enough, they weren't int there anymore. Andrew felt crazy for checking the trash, but he just couldn't believe what he was seeing. “How did they get taken out?” He pondered. “Maybe...I might have taken them out last night. Sleepwalking? Could I have been sleepwalking, or could have someone broken in?” He went over to the front door to check the locks. Everything seemed perfectly fine. He went back to the counter and picked up the book. Then a thought crossed his mind that he should open the book again. Giving a light chuckle he opened it only to be shocked once more when he saw that the first page now had writing on it. “What? This wasn't...” Now he had a feeling that maybe he hadn't been sleepwalking after all. Looking at the writing, it read, “You will take all items received from the box to a designated location which will be listed below. Do this immediately. The longer you wait, the more severe the consequences will be.” Below was an address. “52 Galestrom street”. Andrew stood there with a puzzled look on his face. He was more shocked at the fact that the book now had writing in it than what was written. The other pages were still blank, the front page was the only one with writing on it. “Alright, this is starting to creep me out a bit. How could the words that's crazy. I must have accidentally skipped this page yesterday.” He said with doubt in his voice. He wanted to think that was the case, but something was telling him otherwise. Snapping out of his thought induced trance, he put the book down. “This is stupid, I'm obviously not fully awake so of coarse I'm not going to think rationally. 'The book magically wrote itself', I'm going nuts.” He thought to himself as he put a pan on the stove and grabbed some eggs and sausage from the fridge. Slowly, he began to forget about the book and started to move on with his day. Though he never really stopped thinking about it. Before he left for work, the smoke detector started to screech. Panicking, he looked around and saw that a small amount of smoke was coming out of the kitchen area. He rushed over and saw that he forgot to turn off the stove and a grease fire had started in the pan. Quickly grabbing the pan, he put it in the sink and turned the water on. As the water ran, he grabbed a cloth and fanned the smoke away from the alarm. It finally stopped screeching and the small fire had been extinguished. Taking a moment to catch his breath, his eyes looked over at the book. He stared at it as he breathed heavily, remembering what the book read. He blew it off after a few minutes and continued out the door.

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