Chapter XII: Car Trouble

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Pretty quick chapter, I can't put enough of my heart to this yet and I'm sorry for that. After prom, I'll make sure I'll update more.


"Are you excited?" asked Victoria as Andrea answered her phone while getting ready to leave her parent's house.

"Excited for what?"

"Your first ever job!" announced Victoria.

Andrea thought about it, is she really excited? She received the job offer and accepted it five months before graduation and five months ago seemed to be another lifetime, without all the crazy, confusing thing she have with Lance. Oh gosh, Lance!

She had told herself not to talk or think about Lance anyway possible during her stay with her parents, she had pictured the week to be fun and full of bonding and though it was, the air is thick with incompleteness. Without Lance in the picture, their family wouldn't just be complete.

"Hey," urged Victoria.

Andrea leaned on her driver's side door and sighed, "I don't know, I guess the excitement is somewhere in my body that is rather late, what about you?"

"Oh, well, since I'm not like the great mind you are and quite a lazy butt too, I still haven't applied to any job whatsoever, I'm taking a gap year!" Victoria said lazily, the sound of the sheets crumpling quite audible for Andrea's ear making her stifle a giggle.

"I'm no great mind, I just happen to be a bit less lazy than you and please, gap years are taken between high school and college, not college and the real world," Andrea said.

"You make the real world sound creepy and scary," Victoria said.

"Well, it kinda is-" Andrea looked up and saw her mother walking towards her spot. "-Can I call you back later, V?" she asked.

"Sure, safe trip," Andrea hung up.

"Victoria?" asked her mom to which Andrea nodded.

Her mom looked at her for a while and then out of nowhere, Pamela hugged her, "Can't you stay for another week or so? Please Andrea," her mom pleaded.

"Mom, I have a job now, I can't just skip my first day, it will be a very bad first impression," Andrea said as she pulled out of the hug.

"Why didn't you just accepted Lance's offer?" her mom whined.

"Mom, I want to start from the very beginning. I can't just accept the position, a very high position for an employee without no experience because that wouldn't be fair to the other employees who had worked under Lance for quite some time," Andrea reasoned.

Lance offered her a job in his company the same time that the job she is to work to did, and though Lance's offer was grander, she chose the other one because she knows that Lance and her parents are trying to make things easier for her, a thing she cannot tolerate. And with the tension between Lance and her thick as the skin of a rhino, she is very relieved that the past Andrea did not accepted Lance's offer.

Pamela pouted, "Gosh, what did I do to have a very independent and strong child?" she said and smiled, pride shining bright in her eyes.

"Marry Dad," Andrea answered and they both laughed. 

"I guess you better go now, you've got about two hours drive to LA," Pam said, after the laughs died down. 

"Yeah, goodbye mom," she said and kissed her mom's cheek, "extend my farewell and love to dad," 

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