Chapter 2

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"Young Master Cale, can you help us to get the Count back to his work?"

If not about his father, he can hear rumours about him. They call him emotionless, a monster and an ungrateful bastard for not crying at his mother's funeral.

It's really tiring.

And he really thought it would only take days to fix everything better, even without his mother. But just thinking that makes him wish that everything is just a dream, that he just needs to wake up from this and he can see his mother giggling as he runs towards him. Not all wishes can be granted after all.


Like what the elders requested, Cale stayed strong for his father. He tried to make him stand on his feet once again. He first tried making his father eat with him for lunch and dinner but it always ended up failing. He knows well that his father just asked him to wait just to send him away yet he waited.

Ron even started getting annoyed seeing his young master declining a meal that was sent to him. He was a little angry at the Count for avoiding his son, while that son kept trying to make his father notice him. This whole scenario just keeps making the young master's health to decrease.

Cale really thought that this setting would not last long.

It really did. But only for his father. That was the first time he saw his father as a selfish man.

His father brought a lady to their very home, the home of a family that just lost an important figure. The worst thing, his father brought her to replace the deceased one.

"Cale, this is Violan, the new Countess."

He really wanted to yell, to oppose his father's selfish choice. He wanted to shout to the lady that she doesn't deserve that position. He wanted to get mad at all of them. He wanted to hate them but he smiled. That was fine, as long as father is happy, as long as father can get help from the new Countess, as long as this home finally gets bright like before when they are still complete but now with a brand new family living in this house. That's okay. That will be alright and so he thought.

Basen, his step brother, a brother not in blood but he accepted him right away. He is someone that would hold their last name, the last name they should be proud of. But this little brother of his is someone who is not accepted by other relatives.

But he assured him. He is a Henituse. He may not in blood, but in name and by acceptance. The main family already accepted him to be part of it. He was welcomed by Cale and Deruth, he doesn't need those relatives' opinions, they are not necessary, they are just a pest who keep making noise.

However, his little brother is smart but dumb? At that age, he can understand what others talk about him. He knew why he was treated differently by Cale but he understood because he still thought of himself as a stranger who suddenly entered this family.

So Cale did his part as a big brother. He destroyed his image to give them no choice but to accept Basen. He became everything they hated, a trash, monster, emotionless, stupid, and so on. He became the center of everyone's hatred.

He really thought no one would dare to touch him even though he kept acting like that. Not until, Ron and Beacrox were transferred to take care of the pregnant Countess and expected to take care of his unborn sibling in the future.

The new butler assigned to him was not as good as his former butler, he was not even comparable. The cook was so lazy. They even took advantage of his room location.

As an eldest child who chose to distance himself from everyone, he was in the other wing of the mansion, far from his family's room. Waiting for food from the main kitchen will be a hassle since rarely joins his family to eat. At that wing, after Ron and Beacrox left him to someone's care, it became a disaster. It would be alright if it was just the place itself, but it was about him. They took advantage of his guardless side.

He became the servants pasttime. They don't even do their work. All they did was to abuse their freedom and also him. They abused him. They take one last piece that keeps him from breaking. They took his sense of pain, the only thing that made him feel that he was still alive.

That all started when the servants realised his worthless status. That he was just a bastard in the noble family. He was just nine when they beated him every day. He was just nine when they left him empty stomach. He was just a kid when he realised he was getting used to the pain they gave. And he was just a kid when he first harmed himself.

But he never cries. He begged but cried? That is something would never happen unless for his mother, the mother he lost but was not given a chance to mourn.

He was so tired. But he tried to continue his life. As a punishment to his self harm, he took care of himself, he fed himself, he kept moving on.

Life really never meant to be easy.


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