"Hayes, be carful!" I whisper yelled as my bestfriend, Hayes Grier, snuck out my window.

"Don't be such a worry wart Sam. Everything's fine!" He yelled back. I watched as he scaled down the brick wall of my house. He finally landed on the ground and it was now my turn.

I made sure the bag on my back was secure before turning around and climbing out the window of my room. I mimicked Hayes' actions and eventually stood next to him at the bottom.

"Ready?" He asked me and I nodded my head before we walked down the sidewalk. "McDonald's isn't far from your house." Hayes said.

Yes, we snuck out in the middle of the night just so we could get a McFlurry from McDonalds. Because what else are bestfriends for?

Hayes held opened the door for me and we walked up to the register. "Go sit down at a table. I'll get the ice cream and bring it back to you." I said okay and found a seat for both of us.

I pulled out my phone and saw that my older sister, Sierra, texted me. It was just talking about how her and her husband Brent would be visiting soon.

I decided not to answer because she would get suspicious as to why I wasn't sleeping.

Hayes came back with our McFlurrys and I thanked him before he sat down. We sat in silence as we ate the ice cream and decided to go back home before my mom or brother found out we left.

We walked back and climbed in the window. We have snuck out so many times that is was beyond easy by now.

Hayes gave me a boost up and when we finally got settled, he crawled into bed with me. "Goodnight Sam." he muttered as I laid my head on his chest. I was going to answer when I heard soft snores coming from him.

I lightly laughed and went to sleep myself.

I was awoken the next morning by Hayes jumping up and down on my bed. "Wake your lazy ass up! We are gonna be late for my game!" He shouted and I groaned.

"Hayes watch the language!" I heard Nila say from the other room. I laughed at him and he flicked me off. I stood up and walked into my closet with Hayes following close behind.

"Go Hayes I'm getting changed." I said while pushing him out of the door. "It's not like I haven't seen you naked before." he said while shrugging.

When we were really little, we took baths together all the time.

I laughed at the memory and pushed him the rest of the way before shutting my door and locking it.

I flipped through my clothes and pulled out a pair of black, ripped, high waisted shorts.

I was looking for a shirt and I just decided on one of Hayes' football jerseys that he gave me a while ago.

I slipped it over my shoulders and put on my white converse.

I walked into the bathroom to start my hair and makeup. I curled my dirty blonde hair and did my normal makeup routine which consisted of eyeliner, mascara and a little of concealer.

I made sure my outfit was okay and grabbed my phone before walking out of my room. I opened the door and saw Hayes waiting there.

I giggled and we walked downstairs. "You guys need to eat quick. Hayes, keep it light. We don't want you puking while you're on the field." My mom said.

He nodded and we both put 2 pancakes on our plate. "Keep it light Hayes." I said, mimicking my mom from earlier. He shook his head and laughed.

"This is light for me. On a normal day I would be having like 5." he said and I laughed because I knew it was true.

We quickly ate and got in the car before driving to the field.

Hayes hurriedly got out of the car and put the rest if his gear on once we got there. He tapped his index finger on his cheek, indicating me to kiss it.

Hayes has always said how my kisses are good luck, but I think it's all in his head.

But it was still like our little pre-game ritual. I laughed a little and kissed his cheek. He put on his helmet and ran onto the field for his game.

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