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Name: Lady Lucia

Story Name: Inner Demon


What’s your almost name? (The name you were almost given?)

My name is Lucia and also Magdalena and also Malenita. :D I don’t know what name I was almost given. :/

What’s your least favorite book of all time and what was your favorite character in it?

Ugh. I read Twilight. I have to say I like Jacob. He was the most down to earth character in it. He did act like a little emo b*tch at times though.

If you could be an animal what sort of animal would you be?

A penguin! I’ve only seen snow once in my life. :(

Or maybe a turtle and have a cool shell to chill in…

You meet One Direction-what’s the first thing you say?

Nothing. I wouldn’t even recognize who One Direction is.

Favorite movie and worst part of it?

Man…I’m terrible when it comes to movies. I like so many of them, and they all kinda gather in the corners of my mind and chill there, forgotten, until someone mentions them once more.

Which color describes your day today best?

Grey blurring into blue.

What is the worst natural or manmade disaster, in your opinion?

Natural…I guess hurricanes. Manmade…when nuclear power plants go haywire. Too many Homers in them.

List all the magazines you read often.

Ha! I only read one. Game Informer

If you could make one famous person more appreciated and more famous who would it be and why?

I don’t know. I don’t usually keep up with famous people or pay much attention to them. Hmm…I would want to say Cormac McCarthy. His stories need more appreciation, but he’ll probably hate the extra fame it would personally bestow on him.

What location in the world suits your personality the best?


Toast, Cereal or Porridge?

This just makes me hungry. Cereal! Unless the toast has butter…

If your book was adapted would you prefer a TV show, a movie, a play, or something else?

I want to say a movie, but a TV show would probably suit best because it’s longer and would be able to show better character interaction and plot development.

Choose TWO of these things that you can have complete control over in the adaption of your book and explain what you would do with them: soundtrack/score, cast, director and producers, screenplay, set and costumes, marketing, cinematography, official website design, special effects, editing, set location.

I would choose casting and screenplay. Casting ‘cause I want to make sure the people that are chosen fit into what I believe my characters to be. I would obviously want to see the auditions and not base the selection on just how they look. Screenplay ‘cause I would want essential parts of my book to be kept in the show. Yay.

Would you rather take a Vampire or a Werewolf in a fight?

Vampire just ‘cause I like them more. :D

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