Chapter 25

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They were deep into foreplay only a few hours later, lazily licking into each others mouths as their bodies woke up slowly, in both arousal and state of mind. Harry bit teasingly onto Louis' lower lip and the corner of his mouth quirked in satisfaction as a tiny whimper sounded around the room. Feeling his hazy sleep state wash away, he stood and watched as Louis grabbed at him, missing his presence and warmth, and for the first time in a long time, he missed HarryHarryHarry.
Harry walked once again to the special drawer and grabbed a ball gag as well as a five yard piece of soft rope, similar to the substance he used for their previous scene. Stalking over to the bed, Harry knelt down on Louis' side and pushed his hand under Louis' waist; rolling him over onto his stomach.

He smiled, feeling successful in some way as Louis started rolling his hips in tiny circles against the plush, king size bed, whimpering quietly as Harry slapped his bum in warning. The rutting stopped immediately and Harry once again smiled in triumph at his dominance over the younger boy. Tying his wrists and elbows behind his back, he walked back over to the drawer and grabbed another rope. Pushing Louis' knees up to his sides, he spread his cheeks so that he could see the pretty hole he had spent so much time buried in.

Running his finger tip lightly over the puckering hole, he felt the small boy shiver and forced himself not to plow into him then and there, instead tying the rope around his knees and waist so that he was stuck in the extremely vulnerable position. He positioned his naked self behind Louis and leaned down, his face positioned directly in front of the slightly puffy rim he so desperately wanted to make a bright red, ruined fuck hole. Licking a thick strip up the smooth crevice, he buried his tongue into the hole and swirled his tongue wetly, meeting little resistance. Louis moaned loudly into the bed sheets and wiggled his bum back into Harry's face, trying to push the older mans tongue further into his hole, trying to get pleasure to the one place he needed it most.

"Please Daddy." Louis whined without thinking, rutting backwards into Harry's mouth as much as possible. Harry froze for a split second but recovered quickly, standing up to his fullest ability in his fuzzy dominant state, and ramming his fully hard cock into the wet hole. He thrusted harshly into the tightness, grabbing onto the widely rounded hips and pulling them back to meet his own thrusts.

"You like that baby?" He panted, nipping at the back of the helpless boys shoulder blade. "You want me to fill you up?"

"Yes Daddy, please please please." Louis whined as he came with a thrust to his love nub, his seed shooting out in a small, warm puddle under is tummy.

Harry felt the boys walls tighten, and before he knew it he had come undone, feeling himself float away into pure whiteness and euphoria before he sank back down from his high. Harry pulled out and swiftly, or as fast as a person with slightly wobbly knees and giraffe legs could, walked over to their drawer that he had visited many times that night. Deciding he would go for something new, he grabbed a double headed dildo, which was about a foot long, and walked over to the still slightly twitching boy on the bed.

Luckily, the way his boy was tied kept his bum tilted in the air, preventing any of his precious fluids from leaking out, so with joy he sank the head of the pink sparkly dildo into the loose, temporarily ruined hole, and slid it farther and farther in until it completely disappeared.

He stared in amazement as Louis' back arched forward as his cock twitched again, precum dribbling out of the tip; completely untouched. He swirled his finger around the slightly visible tip of the head that was on the other end of the dildo and decided to untie the boy.

Softly unraveling the knots he made, he laid the ropes on the floor and helped Louis stretch himself out. The sticky cum had partially dried on the sheets and the little stomach Louis had formed, so he quickly pulled them off the bed and sat them with the ropes on the floor.

Replacing the sheet, he pulled Louis down onto the bed with him and nuzzled his nose with the boys; his finger now lodged in the warm hole along side the long dildo.

"You hungry, baby?"

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