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Those few seconds that you feel as your whole world is crashing down, that's what Natalie was feeling that night as the words left from Mark's mouth. "I cancelled the wedding." He told her and Natalie could barely breathe, let all speak.

"What?" She managed to whisper devastated. Because she never thought that Mark would hurt her like that. And in those seconds she hated herself from trusting someone enough so he could hurt her all over again. Like her past wasn't enough.

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12 hours earlier

The morning started with Mark and Natalie on bed kissing. Natalie had her arm wrapped around Mark's neck keeping him close to her. "Oh. You're gonna make us late." Mark said when Natalie wouldn't let him go. They had to leave for work. 

"Okay. Okay. Go. Go." Natalie let go of him for few seconds, before she pulled him back on bed. "Nope." She said and kissed him making him smile against her lips.

"Oh, there's gonna be plenty of that tomorrow on our wedding night." Mark promised her. 

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"Mark, why are you here?" Amber asked when Natalie and Mark walked downstairs to get some breakfast.

"Where was I supposed to be?" Mark asked clueless.

"You're getting married tomorrow and it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding." Amber reminded them. She had taken the traditions a little too serious.

"Honey, we don't care about that stuff." Natalie told her daughter. "Where's your grandmother?"

"I sent her to check if we have everything ready for tomorrow." Amber smiled proudly.

"Look at you bossing everyone around." Natalie said and then her pager went off. "Oh there's an emergency at work."

"But we need to–"

"We have time Amber." Natalie cut her off. "Mark let's go."

"And then I'm bossing everyone around." Amber mumbled to herself as Mark and Natalie grabbed their coats ready to leave for work.

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"A major Seattle-area shooting. We have reports that a gunman has opened fire on students and faculty at Pacific College. Students and faculty are still in the building. I'm trying to get some answers, but what we know so far is that a gunman opened fire at Pacific College and that there are at least 20 victims."

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