Chapter 21

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It was the day of the show, and I was hustling around carrying brushed and tack to Heather. "Oh my goodness thank you so much," Heather said. "No problem, I'm glad that I'm able to help and be apart of it," I said. "Me too, I don't know what I would do without you."

Heather and Cloud were going on in 30 minutes, so she needed to get out to the warm up ring. We brushed Cloud until she didn't have a speck of dirt on her. Heather quickly tacked her up.

While they warmed up in the arena, I noticed how good they looked together. Not just because of how well the black and white colors looked, but when they worked together, it was unbelievable! They were breath taking! They were doing a First Level test, so they had to perform much more complex moves than what Cowboy and I were doing.

15 minutes later, they were trotting down center line and halting at X. I watched as they did small 10 meter circles, extended gaits, and free walks. When they finished the test by walking down center line, and X, halt, salute. The smallish crowd applauded and I stood up and clapped. Heather had a smile on her face as she thanked the judge and walked out of the arena.

"That was great!" I said to Heather excitedly. "Thank you, Cloud was amazing!"she said. "You're for sure going to get a good score," I said. "I really hope so."

We took Cloud back to the cross ties, and untacked and brushed her. We also gave her a bath. She seemed to really enjoy it! She liked to lip the water that was coming out of the hose!

"Let's check if the office has my test yet, and then we can volunteer to be runners," Heather said. "Okay," I replied. We went to the office and checked to see if Heather's test was there, and it was! "What is it?" I asked. She smiled. "I got a 71%!" she said happily. "Really! That's great!" I said, and hugged her. "Oh, ma'am, can we be test runners?" I asked the lady at the desk. "Sure, we would really appreciate it,"she replied. We walked down to where the judge was, and collected the tests she had already scored. We brought them back to the office, and we did that for about an hour and a half. Our legs finally got tired of walking, and somebody else also volunteered to take over, so we went and played with Cloud and Cowboy for a while.

"Do you think Lauren is gonna adopt Candy?" Heather asked. "I'm not sure, I really hope so. She looked at some other horses, and I think she's deciding between Candy and a chestnut thoroughbred named Remington. She texted me though that she's going to come back and ride her again, which is a good sign," I said. "Yeah, that would be so cool!" Heather said. "I'm going to miss having you here," Heather said. "Me too, it's a lot of fun here," I replied. "But it will still be good to be home. Oh! Mom also said that she's having the builders build a bunkhouse and another barn! We have gotten enough donations to upgrade some things. I'm excited to see the new barn and bunkhouse," I said excitedly. "Why are you guys building a bunkhouse?" Heather asked. "Beats me, I'm just excited about it cause it's right near the barn, so when we have sleepovers we can sleep right near the barn," I said. I honestly don't know why we were building a bunkhouse. I think it will still be cool though just to have it. But, there must be SOME reason for it! We aren't just gonna use the money to build something that we aren't going to use. I'll have to ask Mom about it later. "So, should we take these lovely horsies out for a walk?" I asked. "Why of course," Heather said.

We lead Cowboy and Cloud outside. We decided to walk them on a trail. It was pretty warm outside, so the shade of the leafy trees felt good on my shoulders. I could tell Cowboy was feeling good too. He was walking with a little bounce in his step, and he was being cooperative the whole time. As we walked, Heather and I talked about our plans for summer. Ahhh, summer! Only about two months away. It wasn't that long, but it feels really long. Heather was excited about the county fair for 4-H. It's in the beginning of July. I was excited about riding Cowboy all summer and hopefully training a new horse too. I can't wait to be with horses 24/7 in the summer! Heather and I are also planning on having a horse sleepover too. She's gonna trailer Cloud over to Century Farms and she would sleepover. Or I would trailer Cowboy here and we would sleepover. I've also been secretly planning on making a "horse show" at Century Farms where people come over to see the horses show off and then after the show people can visit with the horses! I would probably have me, Julie, Heather, Lauren, and Julie's friend Katie volunteer to work with the horses. Katie is Julie's friend, and she has 2 horses at Hunter Creek. She does a lot of dressage, and she's really good! She goes to a different high school than Julie, but they are still really close. I know I can rely on them to handle the horses. All I have to do now is convince Mom.

"Hello? Earth to Melody!" Heather jerked me out of my thoughts. "What? Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about the summer......." "Mmmm hmmm. That's not what it looks like. You're planning something, I can tell!"she said. "Ok fine. I'm planning on having a "horse show" for the horses at Century Farms. The people can watch the horses show off, and then they can visit them after the show. I wanted you to help handle the horses. I was also going to have Julie, Katie, and Lauren help. If I can convince my mom to do it, will you help?" I asked. "Of course! Omigosh! That would be so fun! You HAVE to convince your mom!" Heather said. At least I know Heather's on board.

When we got back to the barn and the horses were put in the field, I went to ask Mom about the horse show. I found her by Geronimo's stall with Julie. "Mom, can I talk to you for a minute?" I asked. "Sure." We walked off a little bit and then I started to tell her about my plan. "Honey, that's a wonderful plan, but we can't," Mom said. "Why not?" I asked, shocked. "Because, we have different plans this summer." "We do? What?" "Well, starting on July 20, we are having a summer camp!" Mom said. "A summer camp? But how?" I asked. "The campers will all be kids. They will stay for about a month and they will be assigned a horse. They will be assigned based on the camper's experience. For example, if there's a camper that has been riding horses all of their life, they will get a horse that is more in the harder side to handle. And if there's a camper who has only ridden once on a family vacation, they will get an easy horse to handle. At the end of the camp, we will host a "show" to show off the horse and camper's skills," Mom said. "Wow, that's going to be so much fun!" I said. "I was hoping you and Heather could help me," she said. "Of course I will! I bet Heather will be able to help some days too," I said eagerly. Mom laughed. "I'm glad you think it's a good idea." "Oh it will be so much fun! Cowboy and I are going to learn so much!" I said. "Well, maybe," Mom said. "What do you mean?" I said, confused. "Well, you are making a ton of progress with Cowboy, and I'm sure he will be able to be put up for adoption in a month or two," she said. "No! He can't be! I can't lose him! I just lost Pepper and now Cowboy? I can't believe you!" I yelled. "Honey, you knew this would happen. It just happened a lot faster than we thought." I couldn't take this. Not right after I lost Pepper. Too soon.

I ran off to Cowboy's field and hugged him and cried in his mane. "This can't be happening boy. Why did you have to be so good for me? Why?" I sobbed. I couldn't stand this. I loved Cowboy so much, and he loved me too. I know it. "At least we still have a month or two. We have to make the most of it. I would ride you right now, but I can't cause the show is still going on. But tomorrow, I'm spending ALL day with you. We will jump tomorrow. I know it. We'll also go on a long trail ride, and I'll pack us lunch and we can have a picnic. And when we go back home, we'll do cross country. I promise I'll think of some way to keep you. This is my promise to you, Cowboy."

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