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It was just few days later that Natalie and Mark found themselves at Callie's and Arizona's shared apartment to help them pack. After Arizona won the Carter Madison grant, she was moving to Africa and Callie was going to follow her. 

"Okay. How about it, guys?" Arizona asked trying to get them to take a kitchen utensil. Natalie rolled her eyes at her friend and continued drinking the orange juice Mark had made her drink, while he sipped his coffee. "You know you've always wanted one of ... these." She looked at it not really understanding the use of it.

"Nah. we're good." Mark declined. "We will take that waffle iron." 

"What? I have never even seen you eat a waffle." Natalie scoffed in annoyance, mostly because Mark wouldn't let her drink coffee. 

"Well, I would if we had a waffle iron." Mark pointed out and Natalie glared at him. "Well, don't ask me for waffles when your cravings start." He scoffed and Natalie kicked his foot, as she didn't want anyone to know about her pregnancy yet.

"It's my waffle iron." Callie complained, not getting the hint as she was too focused on her life changing. 

"Callie, we're not gonna take a waffle iron to Malawi." Arizona laughed, trying to cheer everyone up. "And it's not gonna do anybody any good sitting in storage for three years." She added. "Congratulations. You won yourselves a waffle iron. Oh! And a french press." Arizona handed them the stuff. 

"Hey. Stop giving my things away." Callie exclaimed annoyed. 

"Maybe we should pass on the french press. We have one anyway." Natalie said as she exchanged looks with Mark.

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Later on at the hospital, Derek spotted his friend with one of the hospital's jacket, meaning she was leaving. "Hey, where are you going?" He asked her and walked with her to where she was heading.

"To pick up some lungs." Natalie informed him and adjusted the bag she was holding on her shoulder.

"Okay, whatever" Derek replied, not really caring to find out about Natalie's patient. "When are you going to ask me to be your best man?" He was more focused on the wedding his two best friends were having pretty soon.

Natalie frowned her eyebrows. "Mark asked you to be his best man. I don't need a best man." She pointed out. "I'm down two bridesmaids though, do you want to be my bridesmaid?" She asked him with a sarcastic smile making Derek roll his eyes at her.

"Hey, hey Nat." Liam caught up with them. He was still focused on his own drama with Lexie, especially since the shooting he was really trying to be there for her since she was not handling things well. But she wouldn't let him. "Is Lexie going to be at the wedding? Because I don't think I can be at the wedding if Lexie is." He rambled. "The last time we were at a wedding together I asked her to marry me and we weren't even together." 

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