S2 Chapter 42: A Revolution On The High Seas! The Sparking Legend Tour!!

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3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both Adeona and Deathscyther land in the stadium and race around the stadium at top speed as Adeona comes charging in*

Daina: Bring it!

Athena: Go!!

*Adeona and Deatscyther collide with all their might and immediately get sent flying back*

Daina: Deathscyther, keep going!!

*Deathscyther hits the wall and it comes charging back in for the blow as its scythe began to glow*

Athena: Adeona.. we'll burst him with a full powered burst!

Daina: Hollow Strike!!

Athena: Sovereign Symphony!!

*Both beys clash with all their might and a fierce explosion erupts from the stadium and both beys disengage and become locked in a back and forth clash*

Athena: Adeona, don't give up! Keep going!!!

Daina: Deathscyther, strike them down!!!


*Lane was watching the battle from the stands and he watched as his flare began to faintly glow around him*

Lane: This is all over..


*Adeona and Deathscyther were both starting to lose their spin and it was going to come down to a spin finish.*

Athena: Adeona!!!

Daina: Deathscyther!!

*Both beys eventually came to a complete stop and the first one to stop was Adeona, resulting in Dainas first point*

Athena: W-What the-?!

Daina: Yes!!

Referee: Hollow Deathscyther with a Spin Finish!! Daina Kurogami earns 1 point!!!

*Daina picked up his Deathscyther and looked over towards Athena with a slight smile*

Daina: A point by Spin Finish huh? That's not half bad but we are going to end this with a burst!

Athena: Well then, show me what you can really do then! I'm just itching to defeat Deathscyther!!

Referee: 2nd Battle! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium once again and the battle proceeded just like the last battle and both of them came straight for the center*

Athena: Let's go!!

*Daina simply grins as Deathscyther sent it flying back using its scythe and it began to fire a fierce barrage of attacks on it*

Athena: N-No way!!!

Daina: This will end it! Hollow Rush!! 

*Deathscyther kept laying into Adeona with a fierce barrage of ruthless strikes and wouldn't let it go!*

Athena: Adeona!!

Daina: Is that all you can do? Don't tell me this is all!

Athena: Tch...

*Deathscythers onslaught continued and Adeona was knocked high into the sky, Athenas Nexus Mark glowed to life and her markings and wings glow brightly as Athena yells out with full power*


*Lane watches from the crowd and he watches in complete shock*

Lane: T-That's-

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