Eiffel Tower (Sapnap+Dream X Reader)

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hey its been a while! currently on vacation in florida! maybe ill find dream ;) ALSO HOW HAVENT I MADE THIS INTO A CHAPTER YET


You've been a official roommate at Dream and Sapnap's house for a few months now. You and the boys often flirted with each other, but to your disliking, it never grew to more than that, and you were getting impatient.


Today was MCC day. Both Dream and Sapnap seemed nervous, and the three of you were all together in Dream's room. Sapnap and Dream were sharing the monitors so they could really play together, and having you in Dream's bed watching only made them more nervous. The boys craved your approval, but they would never admit it.

Little to their knowing, you had a special plan for today. You would use their competitiveness to your advantage, by offering a challenge. Each game they win, you remove a piece of clothing. If they win MCC, they get to tag-team you. You were a little nervous about how you would be wording it to them, but you knew you needed this.


It was 5 minutes before MCC started. Perfect.

Dream and Sapnap were turned around in their gaming chairs, facing you and turned away from their monitors. You were all laughing and talking casually, but it eventually got a little quiet, it was time.

"So, I was wondering..." you gulped, "if you two would be up for a challenge," you bit your bottom lip and tilted your head down, watching the two boys look at each other with eyebrows raised then back at you. They nodded in sync.

You closed your eyes and took a breath before just spitting it all out, "So I was kind of wondering.. if we could do a challenge where for every game you win in MCC I could um...", you paused nervously, "remove a piece of clothing."

You made a scrunched up face, opening your eyes with your eyebrows furrowed in fear of their reaction. The boys sat, silent, and seemed to be deep in thought.

Sapnap and Dream looked at each other, smirks appearing on their faces as they looked back at you and nodded, "That sounds very... interesting," Dream said, leaning his head into his hand.

"Is that a yes?" You nervously smiled.

Sapnap looked you up and down, biting his bottom lip, "What if we win MCC? Then..." he trailed off.

"You two get to... have me?" you shrugged with a small chuckle.

The boys eyebrows raised, but seemed to be interested. Dream leaned over to Sapnap and whispered, "we are winning this MCC, try-harding all the way"


You all laughed, you could see right through their confident exterior.

Dream was hyper-focused, being a try-hard and desperately trying to win, and Sapnap was doing the same, all while trying their best to impress you at the same time.

They ended up winning.

1/6 games won.

As they had a minute to relax again, they turned to you. "Strip."

You chuckled before sitting on the edge of the bed, seductively removing your hoodie, but you had a t-shirt under.

"Ugh your such a tease," Dream muttered, turning back to his monitor.

"You gotta earn the prize, Minecraft boy."


Ooh the next game was Ace Race, which honestly anyone could just be lucky and win. Even with that, you weren't surprised when the two boys rapidly clicked and pressed keys, they were desperate.

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