LIV- Drugs

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The next few days passed uneventfully. Little progress had been made with Rogue's whereabouts and Greyson hoped that his father would bring back good news when he arrived home in the evening.

Harry and Brooke had not had an argument get, and this was an achievement for them two.

Indianna had successfully managed to discuss the project with Brandon without Greyson wanting to murder him and she had even spent some mother/daughter time with Iris.

She was starting to get the hang of the whole werewolf malarkey. The speed was still a slight problem, but she was getting there with controlling it.

Indianna looked up towards the sky and smiled. It was so peaceful in the woods. Everything was calm and-

The wind was knocked out of Indianna as she was tackled to the ground and her vision went blurry as she was span round. A whimper escaped her lips and she looked up at her attacker.

A large black wolf with blue eyes that Indianna could never mistake.

*Greyson!* She groaned and wriggled underneath his large wolf. Her small, newly shifted wolf was nothing compared to Greyson.

Greyson smirked, if it was possible in wolf form, and licked Indianna's furry face. *For someone who wants to learn self defence, you aren't very aware of your surroundings.*

*I was just thinking how peaceful it was, until you rudely interrupted,* Indianna pouted and Greyson chuckled, getting off Indianna and letting her stand.

*You told me last week that you wanted to learn self-defence now that you're a wolf and that's what I'm going to teach you. You always have to be prepared for a surprise, sugar," Greyson said.

Indianna huffed and stretched her wolf legs. Being a wolf used to feel foreign, now it felt natural. *We better go get showered if want to make it in time for school.*

*Or, we could just stay in the shower together all day and have wonderful shower sex,* Greyson said casually and he walked over to Indianna and teasingly shoved her to the side.

*I'm going to ignore that comment,* Indianna said and rolled her eyes as she started to walk back to the pack house. They shifted back to human before they reached the tree line and changed into spare clothes they had left hidden behind a tree.

Indianna and Greyson made their way into the quiet pack house and walked up the stairs together, hand in hand.

"It's your last chance to take me up on that offer," Greyson said when Indianna stopped outside her room. She raised her eyebrows at Greyson and he smirked. "You're missing out," he shrugged and turned on his heel, walking in the direction of his room.

Indianna chuckled softly to herself and entered her room, heading straight for the bathroom. It was only 6am. Indianna couldn't sleep and Greyson could sense that her wolf was restless so he suggested they go for a run before school.

She showered and dried off, walking back into her room to see Greyson lounging on her bed. He was dressed in his usual attire of skinny jeans, a black tshirt and black boots. His damp hair was pushed back messily and a few strands of dark hair were hanging over his forehead.

Indianna walked over to her wardrobe and got changed into matching underwear and smirked when she heard Greyson growl lowly. She quickly pulled on a pair of ripped skinny jeans and then tugged a loose white vest top over her head. "Control yourself, Greyson," she grinned and turned round to smirk at Greyson whose eyes had turned dark. She stuffed her feet into a pair of heeled boots and grabbed her cream cardigan from the end of her bed.

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