Difference Between Aftercare for Coloured and Black and White Tattoo

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Aftercare of a tattoo is not complicated, but you need to be careful with the steps and follow them religiously

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Aftercare of a tattoo is not complicated, but you need to be careful with the steps and follow them religiously. Whether you are getting a regular classic black and white tattoo or a coloured one, aftercare is necessary. You need to know if there are any differences between the care of these two types of tattoos. You need to remember, whether you are visiting the best tattoo artist in Clitheroe or someone not so well-known, the tattoo will take time to heal. Once the tattoo is done, its aftercare will be your responsibility, and you cannot blame anyone else if some damages happen because you were not dedicated to the aftercare regime.

Details about the healing procedure of a tattoo

Usually, a tattoo takes 45 days to heal completely. Yes, within the first week, it will heal considerably, and within a couple of weeks, it will seem to be healed entirely, but that is not true. You need to be patient with the healing of your tattoo, just as you are patient with any other would on your body. The caring regime is also simple. You need to wash the tattoo areas with anti-microbial soap and pat dry the area before applying an antibacterial cream or Vaseline on the area. You need to go through this care process at least twice a day and refrain from putting another bandage on the tattoo.

The care regime you should follow religiously

Your tattoo will go through the full cycle of healing like any other wound, and your responsibility will be keeping the area clean and medicated so that it does not get infected. In the beginning, you should use an antibacterial ointment. After a few days, when the chances of infection become less, you should switch to a fragrance-free and colour-free moisturising lotion. Keeping the area of the tattoo moisturised and clean will be pretty beneficial to the healing process. Aftercare of both coloured and black and white tattoos is almost the same.

Different types of tattoos and their aftercare

The difference between the aftercare of these two types of tattoos is non-existent. The focus of both regimes is on retaining the colour and vibrancy of the tattoo for longer. It is known that exposure to the sun is one of the most prominent reasons behind a tattoo losing it's colour and lustre faster. Therefore, you have to be careful about going and remaining in the sun for extended periods. Visiting the best tattoo shop in Clitheroe will be perfect for the best and most beautiful tattoo you have always wanted, but it may not be the perfect place to learn all about aftercare.

Seeking assistance and advice from an experienced professional

It will be wise to ask the tattoo artist direct questions about the aftercare of the tattoo, especially if you are confused between coloured and black and white. In several tattoo studios, the artist does not answer such questions, but there are professionals who will answer your questions. In short, if you ask the questions, you will find the necessary answers. Once you have gathered the information and details, you will have to follow the instructions carefully, and the tattoo will heal properly and within time. 

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