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"Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Home to some of the finest, most influential doctors in the country. Several months ago, a gunman roamed these halls, leaving 11 people dead and even more injured. Today we visit the survivors... their patients, their triumphs, and their disappointments. This is Seattle Medical. Road to Recovery."

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When Natalie woke up that morning knew that something was different. She could feel it in her bones that something was ought to change her life again. But she didn't have much time to process it. Not when there were cameras everywhere around the hospital, filming the aftermath of the shooting and questioning her all those things she was avoiding to talk about. 

The camera zoomed at her face making the heterochromia in her eyes more visible than ever before. It was also one of those days that her mood was all over the place and her eyes betrayed her. "Yes, I was one of the people who got shot." Natalie answered the man's question. "One of the few people who got shot and survived." Natalie paused as she looked away from the camera that was shooting. "It was a thigh injury, I had to stay in bed for a whole month, but I was fine after it, mostly. As fine as you can be after something like that.

"Mom, there you are." Amber ran up to her mother ignoring all the cameras around them. "I finished school earlier because one of the teachers was sick, so I brought in the supplies for the invitations. You gotta make a choice."

"You didn't let what happened stop you from being happy again?" The man behind the camera asked.

"Life doesn't stop." Natalie replied, giving the camera an intense look. "And it certainly doesn't ask you when the people you love will be taken away from you, so you gotta grab the chance. Grab it with both hands and be happy again. No matter how much it hurts some days."

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Outside of the hospital, the camera was filming Mark talking about how he felt when he found out that his best friend and the woman he loved was shot. "Derek and I? We go way back." He stopped walking and his face broke into a smile, thinking about all the moments he had with Derek, in the hospital and before everything. "We grew up together, went to med school together. He's... He's kinda like my better half. Not the better-looking half, mind you."

He paused for a second as his eyes drifted towards Natalie who was entering the hospital in that moment after she got a fresh cup of coffee. He smiled as he counted that she was already in her third coffee and it wasn't even half way through their shifts. "Derek is my best friend, actually." he corrected. "Because there is that woman right there." He pointed at Natalie with his eyes. "Natalie's my better half. And between us, she's the better-looking half."

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