My grey, cotton, floral dress was itching slightly as I pulled it down to cover the back of my scratched legs. It was a little short, but it was alright. I wore a pair of brown shoes and a cream, woollen cardigan. My crucifix necklace was displayed proudly as I stared into the mirror with a pitiful smile.

I didn't know how to feel about this Sunday morning, especially when Harry was joining me and my family in church.

*Harry's pov*

I looked like a Mormon. My white shirt was tucked into my black pants, and my dark red tie was tight enough to cut off my air supply. I was wearing what I had originally purchased for the police's uniform, but I removed the badge and borrowed Harley's dad's (Matthew's) tie.

It was just one service, that's all I had to go through.

Of course, I wanted to say no when she insisted. But I was so fucking whipped I just couldn't refuse. The way she looked at me, as if she was so... concerned. I hated that look she gave me, I always did. I wanted us to go back to normal again, but some girl called 'Stephanie' took that away from me.

I would rather have Fruit Loop's kidney disease than go to church with Harley and her family. I'd rather be Harley's fish that I electrocuted than be myself right now.

There was a light knock at my (broken) door, so I cautiously turned around to see Harley's scrawny shins through the hole in the door that I had kicked in. "Come in, Harley." I had a slight smile as I spoke, I didn't know why.

She opened the door weakly with her frail arms before taking a small step into my room in her floral dress. Her dress was hideous, it looked like something Fräulein Maria would have made out of her early twentieth century curtains for the seven kids she looked after. But she made it look alright. Her brown hair was down and in a brushed mess and her wide eyes weren't touched with the slightest bit of makeup. She looked... great. Well, to other people she would have been thought of differently but I liked whatever she had going on right now.

"Hi." I tried to seem nice she perceived me as tense while she warily stared.

"Mam a dad are waiting in the car." She unintentionally pouted her lips as she spoke, and I tried not to smirk.

Despite my nerves of finally entering a place of worship other than school, she relaxed me with just eight fucking words. "Do I look religious enough?"

She flared her nostrils in amusement and eyed me up and down before biting her bottom lip in thought. She smiled suddenly and removed her crucifix necklace which hung loosely around her neck. She stepped forward and breathed intently before putting the chain over my head. "You look good now."

"I wore a long sleeved shirt to cover my tattoos." I attempted to impress her, just to show her that effort had gone into this.

"I can see them through your shirt," She added, and I frowned. "But... I like it."

I loosened my tie slightly with a hidden grin before following her quickly downstairs and outside. We both got in the back seats of her parents' car and we left to go to church. I was completely dreading it.

"Tell me what to do when I get there." I warned her. I bet she liked the idea of me being in a somewhat vulnerable situation.

"You're nervous." She acknowledged in dismay.

"I'm afraid I'll do something wrong." I confessed.

"You won't. All you do is sit down and stand whenever we sing or pray. And then we go up in lines to receive communion." She explained briefly.

"What's communion?" I panicked.

"Going up for bread and wine," She assured me. "You know, we've had about three eucharists in school this term. You should know this."

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