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We first met when we were just kids.

"Why are you hiding your face?" She asked, her head tilting at the sight of poorly carved wooden mask perched upon your face. The girl had startled you, she flowed just like water.

Calm and serene

"I'm a bad person." You replied, no emotions in your voice as you continue scratching the dirt with a stick, scarring the earth.

"Why do you think you're a bad person?" Seh asked again, her figure inching closer as she moved next to you.

This time, you don't answer. You continuously scratch the dirt, before resting on your knees. Why was this kid here? Why was she bothering you like this..

You already told her you were a bad person, why did she stick around?

"Aren't you scared of me? I've done a bad thing."

She simply giggled, her turquoise eyes burning a whole into your mask.

"Everyone's done something bad before, it's just a matter of perspective if you were wrong or right."

"I killed people."

Sat in silence, you sigh and stand up. She's probably run far away now, though you couldn't since your mask didn't have holes to peek through. You flinch when someone grabbed your hand, rubbing their thumb over your palm.

You quickly pull back, almost violently slamming yourself into the ground.

"Who did you kill?"


"Who did you kill?"

She repeated, her voice steady and calm. Who was this girl? You had no idea but she was probably less than sane. Hesitant to reply, you tug onto your clothes, trying to make yourself as small as possible.

"I.. I killed two men. They.. they did horrible things to the villagers. Stealing money, injuring people.. I.." Memories flooded your mind of the horrible men who bullied your siblings, the kids of the villages, just for entertainment.

Red flooded in as you remember something coming over you, making you bash them violently until their faces were bashed into their skulls. You didn't like that terrible feeling taking over you but..

You couldn't help it.

"Two wrongs don't make a right but if I were in your shoes... I'd probably do the same thing." She finally replied.

You felt something press against the mask, making a small clink sound. "So if that counts as a bad thing, then I'll wear a mask too."

That was the day I found someone who was just like me.

Someone I shared an understanding with, someone I could be friends with.

That was the day I found Makomo.

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