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5 years later

"Oi! Get your arse over here Weasley before I send you to the locker room!"

George ran over to the group huddled up on the Quidditch field. "Sorry coach"

"Save it for your mama boy!", snapped the coach of the Kenmare Kestrels Quidditch team.

George rolled his eyes and huddled in with the group.

"Tomorrow night is the biggest game of our lives! It determines whether we go to the World Cup or not!", shouted the coach pacing back and forth.

"So dramatic this one", whispered Aidan Kiely, the Seeker, to George.

George held in his laugh, "Tell me about it"

"We do have an advantage! Tomorrow night we're playing the Holyhead Harpies! They got all women on their team, meaning we're gonna fucking rip Em' apart!!!!", yelled the coach making everyone except three of the players go wild.

Darren O'Hare, the Keeper, turned to George. "Isn't your little sister on that team?"

George nodded. "And she's fucking better than most of these gits"

Aidan laughed. "I know a girl that's on the team as well and she's badass. I think we're going to get stomped into the dirt"

George crossed his arms over his chest laughing, agreeing with his teammate.

This year has been the fourth year where George has been on the Kenmare Kestrels Quidditch team as one of the beaters. It had always been him and Fred's dream, so he decided to go ahead and live the dream for both of them. His first year out of Hogwarts he didn't want to do anything, he quickly went into a depression. But after about a year, with the help of his friends, he was able to get back onto the field and practice for tryouts for the upcoming Quidditch year. And somehow, someway, the coach recruited him having a feeling he had some real potential.

His first year as a beater for this team was horrific. He got beat to shreds. He thought he would do fucking fantastic as he did at Hogwarts, but he was dealing with professionals now. As the year continued he got help from his teammates, especially from Aidan Kiely, the Seeker.

Aidan Kiely had been playing Seeker for almost six years now, so he has gotten used to the sports industry. He helped George figure out how to become an overall better athlete making them a real match on the field. They worked real great together. They eventually became the closest of friends.

"Alright you bunch of pussy's, go ahead and hit the showers! I'll see you all tomorrow night for the big win!", the coach yelled dismissing them all.

George and Aidan rolled their eyes and walked off the field towards the locker room.

"No wonder his wife hates him", Aidan remarked.

George laughed, "Makes sense!"

"What are you doing tonight?", asked Aidan.

"Probably just go down to Lee's. And you?"

Aidan nodded. "I was thinking the same thing actually"


"Hey Ginger! Aren't we playing your brothers team tomorrow night?", shouted Wilda Griffiths from across the locker room.

Ginny stood in front of her locker changing. She pulled her sports bra off and over her head and threw it in her locker, pulling out her wired bra. "Yeah, what about it?", she yelled back.

"He's hot! Wonder if you'd introduce me while we're kicking their ass in Quidditch!", Wilda snorted.

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Be careful. Instead of knocking you off your feet he might just knock you off your damn broom"

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