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AKB0048: New Gen. New Future

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AKB0048: New Gen. New Future

A/N: Nothing has changed. This will be the last chapter of this story.


Chizuko’s PoV

 I don’t know what’s happening to me but my body was moving on its own.  Somebody else was controlling me, I know that.

“You’re right, Chizuko.” a mature voice said.

Who are you?

“I’m Shinoda Mariko.” she answered my question.

“And I’m Shinoda Chizuko. Marichi of PHL48.” a new voice joined our conversation. It’s kind voice.

“We are here to help you.” They said together.

Help me?

“Position 0. Achieve Position 0 for us. For the 00 member, for the fans. Use your strategic mind and just let your feelings out.” they said and their voice vanished.

What are they talking about?

“Let your feelings out.”

I turned towards the stage and to my fellow understudies. Let my feelings out.

AKB~0048! I shouted, all eyes turned towards me.

Just do it!

Mae e susume! (Got it!)
Tachidomaru na! (Got it!)
Mezasu wa hi ga noboru basho
Kibou no michi wo aruke!

Yukute habamu river! River! River!
Yokotawaru river!
Unmei no river! River! River!
Tamesareru river!

Mayoi wa suterun da!
Konjou wo misero yo!
Tamerau na!
Ima sugu
Ippo fumidase yo! Believe yourself!

Mae e mae e!
Massugu susume!
Kawa wo watare!! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Yuna’s PoV

I watched Chizuko dance and sing…I frowned when I turned towards the stage. Nobody’s listening to her.

Itsu datte yume wa
Tooku ni mieru
Todokanai kurai kyori kanjiru
Ashimoto no ishi wo
Hitotsu hirotte
Gamushara ni natte
Nagete miro!

I don’t know what happened but I suddenly tripped or should I say someone slapped my back, so hard. I turned to my back and saw no one near me. Maybe I’m just imagining things.

What’s with your face, huh?! I heard a familiar voice shouted me. Yuko-san?

“That’s right! You are Yuna! You are our reincarnation, you are our rightful successor but having that expression in your face is not our character!”another voice talked to me. She sound angry but I felt that she’s still smiling.

Kimi no me no mae ni
Kawa ga nagareru
Hiroku ookina kawa da
Kuraku fukakute mo
Nagare hayakute mo
Obienakute ii
Hanarete ite mo
Souda mukougishi wa aru
Motto jibun wo shinjiro yo

 “You are their light, Yuna. Your smile is their guide to success. Don’t put a frown in your face. the second voice said.

I know it’s not the right time to talk about history but…You know, when AKB held its first theater performance, there are only seven people who listened to our performance. But that didn’t let us down. In fact it inspired us to perform better. Yuko-san said.

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