Chapter 17

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>> Chapter 17
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Vikkstar123 left the game

Lachlan still doesn't know what Vikk had in mind but he'll just wait. Knowing Vikk, the boy probably wants this to be special.

"Since it's a duel..." Lachlan smirked as he went in the crossroads and went to Choco's new base. "Choco?" Lachlan called, but there is no one there. Surely enough that Choco's on the server at the moment, if not, where is he then?

Lachlan walked in a normal pace, looking through the newly remodeled base by the one and only Chocobo in the HTM world. "Impressive." Lachlan commented as he walked beside the wall in Choco's territory.

When the Aussie was done looking and sight-seeing, he sense a presence behind him. He already expect that it's the Chocobo because it is the Chocobo.

"Fancy meeting you here, Lachy."

Lachlan flinched at the sudden Chocobo behind him. "H-Hey, Choco," Lachlan stuttered as he looked around more a bit. "Liked what you did to the place. Impressive indeed." the Aussie nodded as he looked so amaze at the Chocobo's work. Who isn't amaze at the Chocobo's work? Everyone is pretty much amaze at Choco for everything he had built in the HTM world.

"Well, your visit here is quite a surprise." Choco said in a soothing voice, "What made you visit me at this fine day?"

Lachlan tried looking for the right words, but then he remembered what he really was there for. "Oh, I am meaning to ask if I may borrow your experience farm again. The one that is safe." Lachlan said, jokingly growling at the word safe.

Choco blinked as he started getting suspicious. "What do you need it for, kid?"

Lachlan sighed, "I am battling Vikk on a showdown, I need to make sure that I'm all set and ready- I don't want to lose Vikk." Pouting, Lachlan crossed his arms as he remember countless of times when Vikk totally wrecks him at every PVP, mini games, arenas, HTM battles, and Hunger Games, and to the fact that Lachlan needs to train on his aiming as well.

"You have no idea how many times I lost to him." Lachlan sighed, looking down on the ground with a frown.

"Why not borrow Petey's and Vikk's XP farm? It's more safe."

Lachlan never thought of that, but then again he's too shy to ask Pete and Vikk isn't on the world at the moment. And if Lachlan asks Vikk, then it would be a form of an advantage since Vikk will probably need it to grind experience as well. For enhance of course. Vikk is the type of person to always think one step ahead.

Lachlan shook his head quickly and snapped out of what he was thinking. "I rather borrow yours."

"So will you let me?"
"Or should I just let myself in your XP farm without permission...?"

"Okay, okay. Fine." Choco gave up as he gestured Lachlan to follow him to the crossroads and you can hear faint cheers in Lachlan's head due to winning a somewhat argument from the Chocobo.

The silent travel from the crossroads to the top of the nether was silent.

Choco and Lachlan traveled a bit more to get to one of Choco's farms and the Chocobo just dropped off Lachlan there. "I am still doing something back at my base, so... I trust you with this, okay?" Choco said as he looked straight up at Lachlan.

"HTM might be ending soon, but I don't want my precious pigmen grinder to be a total mess before the world shuts down." Choco explains with a heavy heart as everyone feels the same way of the HTM world being shut off.

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