tumbling down .

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"Evalyn would never fallow me!" Rain whispered, gripping onto the chair for support. He felt his voice shake ,hands became sweaty, his blood boiled under his skin and his stomach turn as he looked at logan's cold green eyes.
" don't be stupid, she loves you." He smerked, but not reassuringly. It was as if he himself was wondering what would become them.
"She likes me." He corrected sharply." but she would never fallow me as blindly as she chases you. So-"
" how long have we been friends?" Logan interupted in a stern voice.
" since forever." He chuckled, not quite understanding the severity of the situation.
" and in all this time have i ever been wrong." Rain gave him a stern look for a moment before opening his mouth to answer. " wrong about my sister. " he quickly added before rain could list off a number of situations.
" she's not always going to be sweet baby evalyn. "
" no, but she will always be my sister." Logan took a seat next to him. " even if she becomes a raging bitch, who couldn't keep her life together, you have to promise to always protect her." Logan demanded.
" Logan why are-"
" as my best friend." Logan softened his tone as his clinched his jaw. "as my brother, swear it."

"I've been waiting all day for your call!" Kiko yelled throwing her full plate of food.
" and i called, didn't I?" Rain hissed, slinging off his coat.
" the least you could have done is given me his room number. I could have stopped by and-"
" not while eva is there."
" eva eva eva." She mocked rolling her eyes at him. " this is getting obsessive. After all its ji who's being taken advantage of." She pointed at the table, Waiting for him to join her. " I'm the one who's supposed to be by his side."
" thats what I'm hoping for, after all you two have history. " he lit a cigarette for the first time in years and took his place next to her." even if i have to push him i want her to see how he really is."
" So you want to be the bad guy and you want me to help you destroy him?" She asked.
" basically. But i must not play the bad guy very well, because I also want you be there for him when everything comes tumbling down. "
" wrong, you play him better then most. you've actually convinced yourself your helping him, Helping her, when really your only feeling your own selfish needs. You don't care about him, all you want it to have her all for yourself."
" i dont need your psychoanalysis, are you in or not."
" your asking me to ruin a relationship. To destroy some poor girls reputation and steal away one of the most talented artists in the industry. " a smile formed on her lips, one filled with mischief and more sinister then any he, himself could ever form. "how could I turn down such an offer?"

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