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                                                   This Cinderella is a Player

I kicked the wooden table, disgusted as Marylyn’s evil voice blasted out of the intercom. Trust her to disturb me while I was unpacking. We had just moved in this morning, and the woman couldn’t even let me unpack my stuff in peace? I didn’t even want to move at all, let alone to a whole new place where I didn’t know anyone. I just had to suck it up I guess.

“Tiana…fetch me some water. I’m thirsty,” Marylyn’s annoying voice invaded my Spartan room.

“Yes Marylyn…I’m coming.” I rolled my eyes, placing the unpacked boxes in a corner of the room. Room. It wasn’t even fit to be called a room: it was more of a broom closet with a single bed, cupboard, vanity mirror, and study table. Great…that was just great.

I walked out of my “room” and glanced at the rest of the house. It was palatial…trust my stepmother to give me a broom closet as a room in the whole freaking mansion. My sneakers made squeaky sounds as I walked on the sparkly marble floor. I did nothing to stop the annoying sounds.

“TIANA!” Marylyn’s minion Harriet peeped out of her room angrily. “Will you stop that? I’m trying to concentrate on my yoga lessons.”

“Sorry.” I glared at her and continued walking towards the kitchen. The kitchen: it was a chef’s paradise with all kinds of cooking equipment laid down neatly on the black granite slab. The blue tile walls glimmered, as I was the one who cleaned them after we moved in.

I opened the fridge and took out a water bottle.

“Tiana!” Marylyn screeched. “Are you going to take the whole day to get me some water? Do you want me to die of thirst?”

I opened the water bottle and spat in it. Take that you witch. I ran towards her room with the bottle.

“Here, Marylyn.” I handed her the bottle.

“What an ungrateful girl…” She shook her head. “I gave you a roof above your head and this is what I get in return?”

I looked at her face covered with a green mudpack. She was lying down on the pink princess bed with a Cosmo in her hand. Pictures of her covered the walls. There was even her portrait, Andy Warhol print style.

“What are you looking at Tiana? Pour some water for your poor mother,” she snapped.

I wordlessly poured the water in a crystal glass kept on the small table next to her luxurious bed.

“Girls these days are so irresponsible…” she started complaining. It didn’t bother me that much now. I was used to it.

“School is at 8.30 am tomorrow morning…I shouldn’t even enroll you into a school though; you are such a horrible little girl but I did it anyway, because I’m very kind hearted.” She sipped on the water.

“Thank you,” I mumbled.

“Go clean your room and help Harriet to arrange her things, all right? Just do some work and don’t sit idle.”

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