Shades from Beyond: An Ominous Confession

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      In Chicago there was a priest by the name of Peter Nearing that served a church that was known as The Light of Hope which had been in the neighborhood for over 40 years. Peter was a priest that liked to help people from all creeds and races. Peter had a friend who was a police detective by the name of George Rhoden who with the help of his aunt Ruth Rhoden took care of his younger brother Chris who was mentally challenged and was ten years of age. Peter had known George for along time and he had helped George find Chris on more than one occasion as he wandered around the old buildings from the neighborhood whose apartments were abandoned yet there were many junkies and homeless people there. One of the homeless people that was there was a man that was a war veteran by the name of Lucas Altheide who had lost sight in his right eye in a war against terror that was based on a lie. Lucas did not like for young children to go to the old buildings so that they would become junkies, drug pushers or living alone in the streets so he had helped in the past Peter and George to find Chris.

      One day at the church Peter was taking the confessions of different people and a man by the name of Oliver Brickner who confessed to Peter that his son William who was 16 years of age told him that he was being possessed by an angel and that the angel wanted for Oliver to to kill his son William after the angel stopped to use his body asa vessel. The angel had told Oliver that his son William was destined to become a notorious serial killer. At first, Oliver did not believe his son yet he started to believe him after a burglar broke into their family home and had shot William's mother Tricia before Oliver shot and killed the burglar. While Oliver was calling 911 and reporting that his wife had been shot during a burglar William touched Tricia where she had been shot and as William's right hand had acquired a bright light which cured Tricia. Then when William touched the dead burglar the body of the dead burglar stood up by itself and then fell down once again when it was outside of the house of the Brickner family.

     Peter did not know what to think because Oliver Brickner looked like a sane man and he told Oliver that he wanted to meet his son William by going to their family home during a Friday afternoon. Peter during that week went to help George to look after Chris while Ruth was attending a medical appointment. Peter then saw in the room where Chris lived that Chris had an aptitude for art as he made a live painting of Lucas Altheide. In the painting Lucas seemed to be a knight with a sword shielding Chris from a shape that seemed to be a black shadow with white eyes.

     A couple of days later Peter visited the Brickner household. Peter met Tricia who corroborated her husband's story. When Peter went to see William in his room. Peter saw a lot of books and a lot of DVD films. William told Peter that he knew that he had more than 3 bottles of holy water on his coat and instructed Peter to douse him with it to convince Peter that William was not possessed by a demon. Peter did it and it did not affect William in the slightest. William then wanted to touch with his finger the holy water from the second bottle. William then told Peter to pass that water over the right eye of Lucas Altheide. William also told Peter that Oliver was a good man, but that his son was about to become a monster who had chosen its first two victims. Peter did not sense any deceit in William and the interview that he did showed no reason to consider William a threat at this current point in time.

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