I must be dreaming ( part 2 )

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Jake's POV

I arrived at school, I parked in the usal spot, the Handicap and locked they wouldn't even dare to give me a ticket because I would make them and their families all crumble to pieces.

Call me cold it runs through my blood.

I checked myself in the glass mirror signature smirk, check, dazzling pearcing eyes, check, hair on fleek double check .

I was set for the day.

Now I was just looking for one particular person one with a size 16 , great lips and a killer body check, check, and
double check.

Now it was time to make my move.

Olive's Pov

I stormed out the bus and made my way towards the school's gates.

Just when I step on schools ground a car came nearly knocking me over, I looked over at the idiot whose eyesight has purposely been damaged.

Jacob frickin Govenci Parker.

" Hey, watch where you're going, can't you see this an expensive car?" He smirked.

But I payed no attention to him he was acting childish and thought it was funny and I was not liking it, not one bit.

His mood screamed determined like he was about to do something I will not like.

I shuddered in disgust. He parked in the Handicap section of course.


I looked at him again, his eyes of a sea green color. He was handsome. His hair was in a fresh cut , he was rocking the style today.... What did I just say? Nevermind.

" Am I that devilishly handsome that you can't help but stare?" He had my blood broiling.

" If poor Arthur saw that he would be disappointed... Don't you think?"

I continued walking. What a jerk...

"Haven't you ever heard of looking at a person when they addressed to you? "

Then I did something foolishly stupid, I spoke up.

" Look jake it's 8 in the morning go find something else to do. You are seriously annoying me." A smile crept upon his face.

Just then I spotted Anny coming towards me I sensed something was wrong.

I started to approach even though Jacob was still talking to me. I smiled at her, and for the first time in a while she smiled then gave me a hug.

" Hey," I said. She replied and said hey.

We started to walk but Jacob still followed," Pegasus, I am not done talking to you! " I rolled my eyes and continued talking to Anny.

I turned around and there stood Jake and some guy, I had seen him before but where ... in math class. Of course.

Anny was about to speak up when her books were knocked out of her grip.

I stared at Maddy wide eyed. " What is your problem!?"
She looked back at Jake , " Oops I did not see you there Anny Chang. " she snickered.


Just then another guy, a cheerleader to be exact knocked my books down too. I grew furious by the millisecond.

I felt my blood pressure increase a a very bad level and I swear you could hear and see the smoke storming out of my ears.

" It's okay Livvy, don't worry about these people. Just walk away and don't pay attention she will eventually stop and leave you alone." She whispered.

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