Caleb pov

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Gosh Beatrice sure has grown up. What is with her going by Six, I mean who wants to go by a number. I don't like this four guy he seems a bit sketchy. I wonder what his real name and faction is. Why wouldn't he have to say them? He seems to old for Bea-Six, I must get used to calling her six. This whole faction has changed her she acts as she was never abnegation, which I guess for her to choose a different faction she never truly was. I never thought my sister could turn into one of these hellions, but she seems to fit in perfectly. right now me and my family, Susan, Robert, and the other Amity representative are following them to our house for a year. It's pretty quite except for Six and, Four who I don't think know the meaning of quiet. Six is so different here she so LOUD!! We finally make it to there apartment and, it's huge. I hear my dad muttering under his breath how selfish it is to have such a big house. "Alright Molly (NAME OF OTHER AMITY REPRESENTATIVE) you can go upstairs, the rest of you I'm guessing you want to know about me and Four" Six say. We all nod and Four shows Molly to her room. I sit there and just star at Beatrice, she has tattoos and, they're showing. I never thought someone could change in a year. Four comes back down lifts Beatrice up and, puts her back in his lap. How can they be so casual about Public Displays Of Affection. "Alright you guys can ask anything but, we might not answer them" Four says. My mom asks first "What were you ranks?". "We both ranked first." My sister says with obvious pride in her voice. Then my dad goes "How old are you four?". "19 sir". "How'd you meet?" I ask. They both smile "He was my instructor, at first I just thought he was intimidating but I figured in due time he would grow less and, he did we kept challenging each other seeing if we would back down wether it was just asking questions or more dauntless stuff, I kept getting mixed signals, one day he'd be keeping me safe and the next the total opposite, we climbed a Ferris wheel together for capture the flag alone but, the next day he was throwing knives at me." She pauses to let it all sink in. "I place sixth in the first stage, the second stage was surprisingly easier we had to face our fears, then me and my friends, the other dauntless leaders, got together and went to the chasm to throw out the erudite reports." She says glancing at me. "I noticed Four going up to the fear landscape room, me being the curious dauntless I am followed him, when I got there he said well since your here you might as well come, so I went through it and , figured out his previous faction, age, and real name then we kissed." Susan asks the next question "What do you mean threw knifes at you?" Four answers this question "we had a corrupt leader in the training room it was knife throwing day, every one was doing fairly good except one initiate he kept missing, well Eric told him to go get his knifes while the others were still throwing and, he told Eric he was scared of getting stabbed by an airborne knife, so Eric told Al to stand in front of the target but, tris said she would." "Has he ever hurt you" asks Robert. Six started to smirk. "That so doesn't count" Four yelled as if reading her mind. "It does to, he hurts me every week". she says. I almost blew up but, my mom laughed like she knew where this was going so I stayed calm. "Dauntless have to stay fit we have 12 hours of practice every week, and sometimes that involves hand to hand combat". "A true dauntless relationship" my mom sighs. I liked all these answers but, I still don't like him. He isn't good for her I can tell.

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