Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Diavion POV- Being The New Girl At School Is Kinda Cool & Kinda Not! I Got To See The Principal With My Ma!

DM- Diavion I Want You To Be Good At This School!

Me- Whatever! She Shouldn't Have Touched Me!

DM- Either That Or No Mindless Behavior Concert!

Me- Ight! I'll Try!

?- Hi You Must Be Mrs. Seward & You Must Be Diavion!

Me- Hi (Fakes Smile)

DM- You Must Be The Principle!

?- Yes Im Mr. Lopez

DM- Hi! Im Deanna & This Is Diavion!

PL- Well Come In!

Me- Nice Office!

PL- Thanks Well Here's Your Schedule! & My Son Will Show You Around!

Me- Who's Your Son?

PL- (Hears Girls Screaming) Well Him & His Friends Here!


4 Boys Come In


?- Hey Dad

PL- Hey Son! This Is Rayan aka Ray Ray! He's In A Special Boy Band!

Me- You Mean Mindless Behavior!

Ray- You Know Us!

Me- Yeah & So Does Every Girl In This School!

?- Im Princeton

?- Roc

?- Prod

Me- Im Diavion

DM- Also You Need To Watch Her!

PL- Why?

DM- She Bi-Polar!

Me- No Im Not! She Shouldn't Have Touched Me!

DM- Whatever!

Ray POV- This Girl Diavion Is Sexy As Hell!!

Me- Dad Can I Have My Schedule?

PL- Yeah! Can You Show Diavion Around?

Me- Yeah Sure! You Ready Diavion?

Diavion- Yeah! Just Call Me De!

Me- Okay (Leaves)


Me- So Where You From?

De- Here! I Just Moved To New York When I Was 5!

Me- Okay! How Old Are You?

De- 16!

Me- 17

De- Ok

Me- Why You Moved Back Here?

De- Got Into A Fight At My Old School! My Mom Still Live In New York! I Live With My Dad Here!

Me- Okay!

De- What About You?

Me- Off Tour For A While So I Came To See My Dad!

De- Okay!


?- Hey De!