Part 13

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At noon, I call Jack and ask if he can come over today at 1:00.

"Sure." he says.

"Alright. See you then. Bye." I reply. I hang up then walk inside to get Koen. "Ko-Bear, come here!" I say when I see him. He looks at me and glares. I'm taken aback then realize he's talking to a girl. I nod and walk over to his teacher.

"It looks like Koen has a girlfriend." Hillary smiles.

"Yeah. Who is she?" I ask.

"Jordan Michaels. She's 4 and such a tomboy. She only hangs around boys." she tells me.

"She sounds like me. I only hang out with boys." I say.

"Really? Why?" she asked.

"Well, I was always a tomboy. I grew up doing karate and I hate the girl drama, no offense." I answer.

"None taken. I was kind of a tomboy as a kid. I had my girly moments and some girl friends but not quite like you." Hillary replies. Koen runs over to me and I pick him up.

"I'm ready to go, mommy." he says.

"Good. Who's your new girlfriend?" I tease.

"Jordan." he blushes.

"Alright. Well we gotta get home. Mommy has a friend coming over." I tell him. "Bye, Hillary."

"Bye, Kim. Bye, Koen." Hillary waves as we walk off.


At 1:00, I take Koen across the street to his friend Caleb's house.

"Bye. I'll see you in an hour." I wave and walk back to my house. Soon Jack knocks on the door and I answer it. "Hey. Come on in." I say. He walks in right as Jerry comes down the stairs.

"What's he doing here?" he demands.

"Jerry, goodbye." I say.

"Kim, why is Jack here?" Jerry repeats.

"Because. Now can you just leave? Thank you." I reply, shoving him out the door. I turn back to face Jack but the door opens again.

"Hurt her again and I'll kill you." Jerry threatens before shutting the door again and leaving.

"I've decided to give you one more chance. But if you blow it I'm taking Koen and the baby with me and you'll never see any of us again." I tell Jack.

"Really?" he asks excitedly.

"Yes." I nod. He gives me a tight hug. "Watch it!" I say.

"Wait, are you pregnant again?" he questions. I nod.

"That's why I was coming to the dojo. To tell you I was pregnant again." I explain.

"Now I feel even worse." he mumbles.

"Can we just stay in Chicago for the rest of the school year? Koen just started preschool and I don't want to pull him out and change schools on him again." I say.

"Sure." Jack nods. "My dad actually has an apartment up here we can stay in. I think he was trying to rent it out but when I told him you lived in Chicago he said we could use it."

"Your dad's so cool." I tell him.

"Oh I know. Where's Koen?" he asks while looking around.

"He's at his friend Caleb's house on a play date. He also has a new girlfriend named Jordan." I answer.

"Jordan is a girl, right?" Jack questions.

"Yes!" I laugh.

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