Suzume's POV

   Rock Lee began to run as fast as he could towards Gaara.

   "Leaf hurricane!" He yelled, while attacking with a low leg sweep. Gaara's sand easily blocked the hit, and Lee grunted, gritting his teeth.

   Lee backed up, and ran up to him again, this time trying to hit him with a wide array of punches and kicks, but to no avail. Gaara just stood there with his arms crossed, an bored, almost irritated expression. Next, Rock Lee tried to punch him from behind, only to find out the sand offers a 360 degree of defense.

   I was right. Gaara was irritated. "Is that all you can do?" He asked, when he found Lee a few yards back, panting.

   I guess Sakura was back already, because she was leaning against the rail, white gauze wrapped her head. "Using taijutsu isn't going to be effective, why doesn't he draw back and use some ninjutsu?"

   The sensei that looked like a larger version of Lee, with the same green jumpsuit, ugly haircut, and thick, caterpillar eyebrows, let out a small laugh. "That would be a good idea, if he had any ninjutsu."

   Everyone nearby looked at him in shock. Every ninja must know basic ninjutsu in order to pass! How could he not know any? I began to slowly walk over to where everyone was standing. Kankuro looked at me like I was crazy, but I needed to know how this Lee kid got so far.

   "Lee has no ninjutsu or genjutsu. He only has his taijutsu to rely on," He began, glancing at everyone's shocked expressions. There was a strange look of confidence in his eyes. "You should have seen him when I first met him. No talent whatsoever! Only a little lousy taijutsu," He chuckled again. "But Lee has come far. Someday, he might become the world's best taijutsu specialist."

   That was when he noticed me. The silver-haired masked jonin stepped toward me, a kind expression on what was showing on his face. He put the book he had been reading earlier away.

   "Hi!" He said with a closed eye smile. "I am Kakashi Hatake, one of the jonin here in the Leaf Village. You probably know my squad members-" He began motioning toward them. "Naruto, Sasuke, Hikari, and Sakura. Sasuke is in the infirmary right now, so he cannot watch the fight." Naruto and Hikari both beamed at me, and Sakura just glared at me.

   "I'm Gai, another jonin." Lee's sensei said. My squad is Neji, TenTen, Lee, and Fumiko, who should be here at any minute."

    At the mention of Fumiko, Kakashi's facial expression changed. Wierd. Kakashi looked at Sakura, then me, then Sakura again. "Judging from your forehead protector, you're from the Sand Village, aren't you?"

   I turned back from looking at Lee, who was relentlessly attacking Gaara, with no results.

   "Um, yes," I said, gazing at my forehead protector, which was tied around my left arm. "I'm Suzume of the Sand. Daughter of the Fourth Kazekage. Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, and I are all siblings."

   I guess Naruto couldn't stand not talking. "Your hair! It's the same color as that Gaara kid!" I ran my fingers through my silky straight hair, a deep unnatural (but my natural color) red. "Now that I mention it, you look just like him!"

   I smiled just a little. "We're identical twins," I stated, amused by everyone's surprise.

Rock Lee's POV

   This sand is impenetrable! No matter how many times I try to hit it, It's like nothing ever happened!

   I drew back again. I'm getting tired already! He didn't even move a muscle! Incredible ability! I launched myself again, aiming a strong kick like Suzume's at the side of his head. My foot was stopped my the sand, and I was forced to back up. Some sand escaped the gourd, flying over in my direction, trying to crush me. I avoided it at the last second with a quick backflip.

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