Tinsel and Teasing

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Logan's POV
In the week leading up to Christmas I worked with the Council to finalise the plan for our move against Fabian. It was in essence very simple - we would arrive at Silver Crescent Pack to conduct an unannounced audit of the pack accounts, management and welfare of pack members. This is something that the Council is known to do.

It was also something that we knew would go down like a lead balloon with Fabian. We fully expected him to attempt to use his compulsion on us to get us to leave. At this point I would get the signal from Morgana that he is attempting this so we can use a multi pronged attack to neutralise him. My little Luna would be disguised by Imelda so Fabian won't know she is present unless and until she Wants him to. He won't be able to sense her scent but may recognise her protective shield as she extends it to protect our delegation.

We would need to play certain elements by ear and roll with the punches. Either way, Fabian was not long for this world. I had been wearing a stern expression on my face for much of the week, it was so crucial to Otis and I that we avenge the terrible wrongs committed upon our mate. Otis was practically scratching to get to Nantucket and launch himself at the vile creature.

Leaving one of these meetings I found myself mentally exhausted and missing my sweet Luna. I felt her contentment and happiness through our bond and I wondered what she was doing.

'I'm finished with meetings and other work for the day babe... where are you?'

'Missing you my big Alpha... I'm babysitting Atticus at Austin's cabin, we are making cookies! Come join us!'

I smiled and shrugged off my jacket as I made my way to join them. I linked Damian on the way to ask him to organise the perimeter checks and security details for tonight- I was on the rota but I was exhausted. Damian linked back that he was on it- he had been playing computer games with Imelda in the pack house it seemed... they had struck up a quirky friendship. It was gratifying to see Imelda being welcomed within the pack, it did my heart good - she had done so much for us.

I jogged over to Austin's cabin and on arrival I could immediately discern the gorgeous scent of my mate - the light citrus and floral aroma pervaded the cabin along with the ever present minty scent of our growing pup. I could hear the Christmas music filtering out into the hallway and on top of it the beautiful melody of my Luna's laughter. I smiled as I walked into the kitchen- Atticus ran over to hug me with a shout of "Alpha!!"

I lifted the cute little pup up and spun him around eliciting a cascade of giggles from him. I then set him down on his feet before crouching down to his level.

"So Atticus... have you been behaving yourself for Luna Leoni?"

"Yup!" He nodded enthusiastically.

"And what have you been upto? Anything fun?"

The little boy was bouncing on his toes as he answered, "Yup! We did painting! And watching Toy Story! And and makin cookieeeees!"

My sweet mate called over at this point asking if Atticus thought they should put the cookies in the oven. He immediately scampered across the kitchen to her, chatting away about which cookie would be best to keep for Santa. It was a beautiful scene, I couldn't help but imagine a similar scene in the future with Jasper when he was a toddler.

As Leoni bent down to place the baking tray into the range oven I got the most Glorious view of her ass. As she bent over I could also see the top of her red lace panties peeking out at me above her skinny jeans. My cock twitched and I imagined lifting her onto the counter and having my way with her as the cookies baked... I chuckled to myself as reality set back in and Atticus grabbed my hand to pull me into the living room.

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