First Kiss- Calum Hood

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Calum and I have been dating for three whole months. Yet, he hasn't kissed me. I mean, am I that bad? I shook my head at my thought and continued getting dressed for Calum and I's date in thirty minutes. I put on a red flowy dress and flats, loosely curled my hair and then I applied a very little amount of makeup and red lipstick. Calum always tells me that he loves it when I wear red. He told me that "it makes my eyes look gorgeous." I heard a knock on the door as I glanced into the mirror and made sure I looked okay. I quickly grabbed my coat and purse and opened the door to reveal Calum in a black button up shirt and skinny jeans. In his hand was a bright pink rose. He looked at me and his mouth dropped.
Me: what? Do I have something on my fa-
Calum: no no babe, you look.. Wow.. You look very stunning..
He handed me the rose and I giggled and shut the door.
Me: it's cute that you got me a rose Cal!
Calum: I just thought I'd do something cute for my favorite girl!
I giggled at his comment and got in the car. Calum quickly shut my door for me and then got in the car and started to drive to our destination, wherever that may be.
Me: hey Cal. Where are we going?
Calum: not telling!!
Me: but ... Aww :( okay
He chuckled and turned on the radio. Immediately a 5sos son came on. I recognized it as "Kiss me, Kiss me" I felt the heat rushing towards my cheeks and that earned a nervous chuckled from Calum. I can tell when he's nervous because he doesn't talk as much. Usually Cal is talking my head off about the most random things he can think of. Today was different though.
Me: hey cal why are you-
Calum: we're here babe.
I sighed and went to open my door when Cal told me to let him open it. Before I could even reply he was opening my door and gripping my hand. I giggled and looked around at where we were. I seen a fancy diner. I looked over at Calum to see him looking at me already. I giggled and pulled on his hand and we walked into the restaurant. We got there and ate our food and made small talk. Calum was really fidgety the whole time and he kept laughing nervously. After he paid for the bill we left the restaurant. He said that he didn't want to take me home just yet, so I told him we could go for a walk and he agreed. As we walked I felt his hand brushed against mine and next thing I know he grips my waist and completely stops us from walking. I look at him questionably and he just shakes his head. I bite my lip and look down at my shoes. I hear a slight sigh down out of his mouth.
Calum: I really wish you wouldn't bite your lip!
Me: why?
Calum: because it sort of makes me want to .. Kiss you. Like I really want to kiss you right now. Wow did I just say that out-
Me: who said I didn't want to kiss you too Cal?
Calum: really ? I- I thought you wouldn't want to kiss me and I was nervous and
Me: Cal. Breath for a minute and look at me.
Calum: so I can kiss you right ?
Me: oh my god Calum...
I grabbed his face and pulled him down towards me and met my lips with his. He sighed In the kiss and wrapped his arms securely around my waist. His lips fit perfectly against mine and I didn't want this moment to end but he pulled back to quickly.
Calum: I was supposed to kiss you!! But damn. Im... Damn
Me: you have some red lipstick right around ..*I pointed to his lips* there!!
Calum: I'm about to get a little bit more of that lipstick on my lips. So come here!!
I giggled at his comment as he kissed me again, both of us grinning like crazy.
I think I could get used to kissing him 😉

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