Jesse of course is frantic. He go all batshit crazy, forcing me to spill the beans. I on the other side am afraid, what if my dad put a recording device and he could hear all our conversation? Which is why I pull Jesse out to his bed room and lock the door.
"No one is here, just God damn tell me!."

"You never know that!," I hissed. I close the curtains and took a sit by the window. Jesse stand and wait for my explanation. I Breath in and out, calming myself. And so I began, "I have a very troubled past, that's why you alway see me having nightmares. Thalia and her family save me even though her parent doesn't know the full story."
I gulp and continue with my story as Jesse listen tentatively,"My-my dad, step dad, came to me that night. That was the man you saw, and he threaten me if I ever tell anyone about him, he will hurt Thalia and you. You Jesse ! Out of all people he knows about you. I can't let anything happen to you ."

"He wants me, I don't know for what specific reason, but it's me."

He watch me, his eyes watery and for a second I though he was about to cry. He walk over to me and kiss the top of my head then wrap his arm around me. "I'll protect you. I will never let that man lay a single finger on you."

I'll protect him too.


We head to bed that night and slept till around 9 am in the morning. Here I lay awake my back facing Jesse and his arm around my waist. Not to mention his huge legs around mine too, hugging me like I'm a pillow. I stare at the lights creeping in through the window and stay like that for a while as I let Jesse have his peaceful sleep. How in the world could I be this lucky?
Turning around, I was now face to face with Jesse. I lay my palm on the roughly shaven side of his cheek and cupped his face. "I though we were going to the park," I whisper.
He groan and he sniff my hand, slowly waking up out of his comfortable dream.

"Morning baby," he said smiling, his eyes half close. He look so funny right now, I want to take a pic of him just like this. "Morning breath." I warn him when he lean in for a kiss.

He shake his head and we both head to the toilet to brush our teeth. After rinsing my mouth Jesse grab me bridal style and throw me back into bed, "Now the kiss."

He put me back in our situation before and lean in for a kiss. Grabbing the side of my hip as he deepen the kiss. Horny man in the morning.

I roughly take control of the kiss, and I'm surprise he let me. Our kiss began to get hungry and I'm suddenly is on top of him. Sitting on his crotch, feeling how turn on he's right now. I straddle my legs on his thigh and kiss him like a hungry kid on a Monday. "God damn it, you make me lose control. How many times do I have to say this," he said breathless. I smile and my hand unconsciously grab the hem of his shirt.

"Take it off," I said sternly. He chuckle at my aggressiveness and remove his shirt nevertheless. "Easy there."

He remove my pajama top and reach for my pants as well. I was losing control, that I let him do that. I try to forget about my scars even though I can feel it brushing the fabric of the quilt. Jesse trail light kisses on my neck down to my collar bone and around my chest, leaving me crazy than ever. He spins off out position, this time he's the one on top, tangling the bed sheets on the way. "Do you want to do this?."

I stop abruptly and think. Am I ready?

"Say it."

"I want it Jesse, I want you, all of you."

He smile and kiss me some more. He removes my bra slowly and unconsciously I cover myself. He shake his head and remove my hand pinning it down above my head. Locking me in like a prisoner, he take control swiftly. I'm unable to move under his touch, and I feel hopeless and good at the same time. He tease me, as he began trailing and sucking my skin from the top of my chest to the bottom of my stomach. "Oh God," I moaned quite loudly, "Jesse."

When suddenly the door bell ring. Jesse stop abruptly and my eyes went wide like a saucer. "Let's get dress, hurry," I whisper to him. Even though I'm sure who ever is out there can't hear us one bit. I scramble to the floor as I gather my clothes and run into the bathroom. He slap my ass on the way and I give him a look. "Stay inside, until you change into more appropriate clothing."

No shit sherlock. I nod and close the door behind me.

- Jesse POV-

I get my shirt then head to front door, cautiously looking through the peep hole first. I didn't know I was holding my breath until I see Carla standing there in shorts and sport bra. Oh crap I forgot to tell her that I won't be running with her anymore. (For those of you who doesn't know who Carla avon is go back to chapter. Mr handsome and Miss gorgeous). I latch open the lock and smile at the woman in front of me. She stand, posing flirtatiously. I know that she still have feeling for me and she's jealous that I care about Amelia than I did for her. But I really am done with any other women. She smile and bat her lashes,"Jesse."
She wrap her arm around my neck, and hug me tightly. I laugh nervously, "Hey. Okay now." I pushes her lightly without offending her, but her eyes are averted somewhere else. Amelia is her isn't she?
She cough and I see her giving Carla the smile of an angel, mark the sarcasm there. The other thing that makes me gape is that she is wearing a robe that she purposely open up on the chest. The mark I've given her is visible and she knows it. She's marking her territory, if it isn't sexy, I don't know what is. I smirk secretly as I let her do all the jealous girlfriend work. "Carla," she say sweetest,"we didn't expect you."

"Oh, Jesse expect it," Carla said viciously," we run every weekends together. I just didn't know he won't be today." He look at me then back to Amelia. Then a smile appear on her face. Oh crap Amelia is going to beat me up for this.


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