Lindsey Point of view
I placed my hand on my cheek again as I did my hair in a side braid. My first kiss on the cheek, I always thought I would live in the Orphanage till I was 18, making me look for a job and being Homeless. Yeah... But thanks to my dad who I've barely spent time with, I have a home! I let out a cough as I laid on my floor. I soon was sat up trying to stop coughing as it was getting harder to breath.
"Hey Lindsey are you okay?" I heard Cole from outside my door as my coughing got worst. I didn't answer and Cole soon opened my door. He let out a small gasp and pulled me close to him.
"M-My I-Inhaler. I-in My Jewelry B-box." I told him as my coughing got worst.
He sat me up against the wall and quickly moved to my dresser, searching through my jewelry box and pulled out a small box. He came back over to me a put me in his lap. He took my Inhaler out of the box and put it in my mouth. I took a shaky breath in and nodded my head, telling him to push the button. I could feel my coughing subside as I started to breath easier. I let out a shaky breath as I moved the Inhaler away from me.
"Are you okay?" I heard Coles soft whisper in my ear. I nodded my head as tears formed in my eyes. I turned into Cole Side as I cried. Cole wrapped his arms around me, whispering soothing words to me. I cried for hours, Cole staying by my side. After 2 hours I stopped crying, my tears all dried up.
"It's okay Lindsey, It's okay. I'll never leave you. You my light. You make me happy. " was the last I heard as I drifted off into sleep.

Cole's Point of View
I laid next to Lindsey on her bed, Lindsey is curled up into a ball next to me.
'She must of had a asthma attack or something. That's all I could think of. Or maybe something her 'Dad' did to her while she was kidnapped? Or...' I thought to myself, my own voice trailing off. I placed my head to her Chest and listened to her heart, looking at my watch to count the beats.
'Bump......Bump......bump' Her heart was going at a slower than normal pace, making me slightly worried. 'maybe it's cause she's sleeping' I told myself as I snaked my arms around her waist, pulling her closer. I felt her snuggle into my side and I felt my eye lids slowly get heavier. 'Night Lindsey hope your okay in the morning' I said to myself as I fell asleep.

I've actually had a coughing attack before and I got sent to the nurse because of it ^_^'' Elementary was not fun at all. Anyways Check out my new book 'Becoming Human Again' And I'll see you guys whenever I can because I get to go to Washington DC and um....... I can't bring electronics... At all....

I'm screwed

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