Chapter 5

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Kairi and Namine huddled in Kairi's tiny dining room, feasting on last night's pizza. It was already the next afternoon. Playing Heart of Worlds, talking about life and boys, and attempting to watch a movie before they both fell asleep in her bed had proved to be difficult. As fun as last night was, Kairi had to remind herself she wasn't a teenager anymore. Kairi continued chewing her pizza and then giggled to herself because she knew tonight would be a replay of Friday.

She and Namine were planning on playing HoW with the boys again today. There weren't really any plans for group activities, but Kairi was enjoying Sora's company. And she could tell Namine was having fun too. The girls finished off their pizza and made themselves cozy again back in Kairi's room for another day of gaming.

Welcome to Heart of Worlds!

Username: Ariae

Password: ********


New Message from: Faeron

Hey. ;)

Kairi blushed. She had forgotten about Faeron, especially after getting that picture of Sora (which she saved to her phone once Namine was safely back at her laptop last night). Kairi patted her bed head, even though Faeron couldn't see her through the screen. Kairi felt a little embarrassed like she should have at least brushed out her hair and changed out of her pajamas. But the duties of being in the KH clan called, and Sora was on. Her cheeks were even more red now, thinking about his photo. "Ugh! Get it together girl!" she told herself.

Joining Kingdom Hearts clan chat...

Fainn and Geir are talking in the clan chat.

[Fainn]: Ari! Hey. :)

Kairi could feel her palms start to sweat. She quickly wiped off her hands on her pajama bottoms and went to send a reply to Sora and also the mysterious and flirty Faeron... who she would conveniently forget to tell Namine about for the moment. She didn't need anymore judgement right now.

Back at the boys' house in Sora's room...

[Geir to You]: Not so enthusiastic dude. You'll scare her away.

[You to Geir]: My bad... :/

[Lumi]: Hello everyone!

[Ariae]: Hey guys! What are we doing today? :)

[Geir]: I was thinking of skilling today. I need to get about 5 levels up on my strength.

[Fainn]: We can train on that dragon in Enchanted Dominion. It's behind a gate so it's safer.

[Ariae]: Sounds good to me.

[Geir]: I was thinking of the ones that are loose in the player killing areas of Hollow Bastion.

[You to Geir]: Are you crazy? Ari doesn't have the combat levels to be that close to dragons AND pk'ers!

[Geir to You]: Just trust me... Bring extra food and don't engage with the dragons.

[Lumi]: Yeah... I don't think I'm down for Hollow Bastion...

[Godric]: Lumi, I was going to cut down some trees for a bit in the Dwarf Woodlands, wanna join me?

[Lumi]: Sure! I gotta stop at the bank and I'll meetcha there.

[Ariae]: I'm not sure if my character will hold up against pk'ers and dragons Geir...

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