Chapter 4

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"There's my favorite cousin!" Kairi practically ran into Namine as she pulled the small blonde in for a bear hug. Namine groaned, but Kairi couldn't tell if it was from the bone-crushing hug or embarrassment. They were in the middle of the train station on a Friday afternoon after all. It wasn't exactly the most private reunion location.

"I'm your only cousin, Kai..." Namine awkwardly patted Kairi's back as she tried to balance her small, but stuffed, suitcase in her free hand as well as the backpack that was sliding off one of her shoulders. She had quickly slung it on to make sure she could make her stop in time.

"Hand me that bag, would you? You look like you're about to topple over!" Kairi didn't bother to wait for Namine to answer her as she gently pulled the backpack from her shoulder and pulled it onto her own back properly.

"Thanks, Kai. I probably over packed..." Namine looked a little embarrassed at her overstuffed bags as the girls made their way out of the train station and to the street to grab a taxi. Normally, Kairi would have walked them to her apartment, but she didn't want Namine to be exhausted from walking twenty minutes to her place while lugging 50 pounds of overnight bags.

Kairi waved down a taxi, and the girls were quickly on their way to the apartment. This wasn't the first time Namine had been to Kairi's home, but it had been about awhile since they had properly hung out or had a sleepover. Kairi was practically bouncing in the elevator as they arrived at her apartment's floor. Namine couldn't help but smile at the happy brunette's excitement. She was excited too, but she tended to keep hers on the inside. Meanwhile, Kairi wore her emotions on her sleeve, and her face could always reveal her real feelings.

Kairi walked quickly to her front door, Namine trailing behind closely. She threw open the door and ushered Namine inside. "Come on Nami. We got a lot to cover tonight."

Namine followed her cousin inside the small, but cute, apartment. "What are you talking about?" As far as Namine knew, this was just going to be a night of gaming and girl talk. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know what Kairi meant by "a lot to cover tonight." She gingerly set her suitcase in a corner of Kairi's room and turned to find Kairi opening her backpack to pull out her laptop.

As if sensing Namine's dread, Kairi smiled at her. "It's all good things! Let's get you set up to play HoW with the guys, and I'll explain." Namine watched curiously as Kairi started taking her laptop cords out and setting her up a space beside her bed, not far from Kairi's own desk.

"What's going on Kai?" Namine asked out of concern. Kairi had quickly finished setting up her gaming station and plopped down a cozy bean bag for Namine to lounge in while she played.

"Well... I might have a teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy crush." Kairi said as she sat in her desk chair. She turned just enough to sign onto her desktop and let Heart of Worlds load while trying to put her thoughts together.

"On who?" Namine sat back against the bean bag chair Kairi had propped against the wall and pulled a pillow into her lap as her laptop came to life. Somehow, this crush had a catch to it, Namine could tell just by how Kairi was avoiding looking her in the eye.

"A guy..." Kairi trailed off purposely, chewing her bottom lip, drawing out the inevitable.

"And...?" Naime pressed, blinking dramatically at her a couple of times.

"Online." Kairi said, biting down on her lip and looking away from Namine. She was going to kick Kairi's ass for this one. Namine might have been small, petite and very sweet, but she was fiercely protective of Kairi. Ever since they were kids, Namine had been the one to stand up to all of Kairi's bullies and had no problem putting them in their place; most of the time, Namine used her words, but other times... Namine took matters into her own hands with the help of her black belt in mixed martial arts. This girl did not play games and used her small frame as a surprise advantage which Kairi had witnessed on multiple occasions as they grew up.

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