Chapter 3

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Kairi sighed and moved the dinner around on her plate as she sat in front of her computer. It was getting close to 6 PM. That meant wherever Sora was, it was almost midnight. Her heart leapt a little at his name. She usually logged in for clan activities about this time so she knew she needed to quickly scarf down the rest of her meal and get settled in for a Thursday night of Heart of Worlds.

Yuna yawned and stretched at Kairi's feet before casually pouncing onto Kairi's bed. She kneaded her tattered blanket into a makeshift nest like the little cat granny that she was. Kairi smiled and quickly snapped a photo with her phone to send to her cousin Namine. She missed her so much... Maybe she could make time for a quick call.

After a couple of rings, Namine's sing-song voice could be heard. "Kairi!"

"Hey, Nami. I was just thinking about you." Kairi said as she twirled an auburn lock around her finger. Kairi and Namine had always been close. They were often mistaken for siblings or twins when they were together despite being apart in age by a couple of years. Once Kairi got her job working at a gaming blog full time, the move to the city separated them a bit. Kairi did her best to keep in touch, even if it sometimes that meant just sending Namine cat photos and funny memes.

"Aww, miss me?" Namine asked sincerely.

"Always." A sudden idea popped into Kairi's head as she looked at the login screen waiting for her. "Wanna come over this weekend? I get off a little early tomorrow. I can meet you at the station if you want to take the train here."

"Yes!" Namine answered instantly. "Anything special going on?"

Kairi smiled with excitement, almost letting out a squeal. "Bring your laptop; we're playing Heart of Worlds all weekend!"

"Yessssss!" Namine cheered into the phone. Namine wasn't as big of a gamer as Kairi, but she knew her way around a mouse and keyboard and still played from time to time, especially if Kairi was playing with her.

Kairi glanced at the clock on the corner of the computer screen and bit her bottom lip. "Speaking of, I have to get back to the guys. We have plans tonight. But text me later and we'll figure out the plan for tomorrow."

"Sounds good; talk soon, Kai! Love you!" Namine sounded just as excited as Kairi felt. She's such a sweetheart, Kairi thought.

"Love you too!" Kairi grinned as she disconnected the call and put her phone on its charger. This weekend would be interesting with adding Namine to the clan. Excitement thrummed through her chest as she turned to her computer and logged in.

Welcome to Heart of Worlds!

Username: Ariae

Password: ********


New Message to: Kingdom Hearts clan

Hey guys! Please add Lumi to your friend lists. This is my cousin who will be joining us this weekend for questing and skilling! Thanks.


After that was handled, Kairi took her character to her favorite fishing spot to wait for Fainn and Geir to log in. She had done a quest just to get into the special place, and there was even a range nearby to cook whatever she caught. She set to the monotonous work while listening to her favorite playlist on Spotify and chit-chatting with those around her. Thank goodness for other players, Kairi thought, or she would be bored to tears while skilling some nights. As if on cue, a private message dinged in her headset.

New Message from: Mika

Have you seen Fainn?

[You to Mika]: Not yet, but he should be on soon.

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