Part 12

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~Kim's P.O.V.~

I wake up the next morning to someone knocking on the door. I realize I fell asleep on the couch. I throw my hair into a messy bun and open the door. Except, since I'm sleepy and stupid, I didn't look to see who it was. 

"I don't wanna talk to you." I say, trying to slam the door in his face. But, being the smart blackbelt he is, he put his foot in the door and stopped the door from shutting. 

"Kim, lemme explain." Jack replies. 

"You have five minutes. Don't make me regret them." I tell him. I open the door and let him in. We go into the living room and sit down. 

"I didn't kiss Claire. She came and kissed me." he says. 

"Then why didn't you push her off?" I ask. 

"Because she was stronger than I thought. And you know I don't intentionally hurt girls." he answers. 

"I need time to think. How long are you in Chicago?" I question. 

"Two days." he says. 

"Ok. Come by tomorrow at 1:00. I'll talk to you then." I tell him. 

"Alright. Bye." he says. Then leaves. After the door shuts, I groan and bury my face in the couch. 

"Why'd you even let him in?" Sloane asks. I jump and glare at her. 

"You scared me!" I tell her. 

"Yeah, whatever. Answer the question." she instructs. 

"Because he wanted to explain. And to make things worse, I believe him." I respond. 

"Really?" she asks. 

"Yeah. I don't know what to do." I say. 

"Whatever your heart tells you to do. It's always right." Sloane says before going into the kitchen. I get up and follow her before I hear a happy Koen coming down the stairs. 

"Good morning, mommy!" he smiles. 

"Hey, Ko. Did you sleep well?" I ask, picking him up. 

"Yep." he nods. He squirms out of my arms and sits at the island. Sloane hands him a bowl of cereal and he happily eats it. Then Brody and Jerry come down. I think Brody made Jerry mad because he's ranting in Spanish. 

"Jerry. Jerry. JERRY!" I yell when he won't respond. He looks at me. "Shut up!" I demand. 

"That's not nice, mommy." Koen says. 

"Listen to the kid!" Jerry responds, pointing at Koen. 

"Koen, just ignore the mean things I do to Uncle Jerry." I tell him. He nods and finishes his cereal. Brody takes him upstairs to get dressed and I pack his school backpack. When he comes down, he definitly has swag. He's wearing jeans, a punk t-shirt, and a snapback. I hand Brody his converse and he helps Koen put his shoes on. 

"Is Unco Brody taking me to school today?" Koen asks. 

"Yeah. And I'm gonna pick you up at noon." I answer. 

"Ok. Bye, mommy!" he says, hugging me. 

"Bye, buddy." I reply. He and Brody walk out leaving just me, Sloane, and Jerry. "So, what are you guys doing today?" I ask. 

"I'm gonna go to work." Sloane answers. 

"I'm probably gonna hang around." Jerry shrugs. 


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