Your tears mean shit to me

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(the next day) 

Jaden's veiw - its about 7 am and im in the shower about to get ready for the MTV movie awards later tonight and its a huge fucking process. Wake up, throw on clothes, go to a fitting for the outfits , then the red carpet rehearsal. so im just in the shower and the water is just running away. I really didnt feel like moving but I grabbed the wash cloth and started washing up and just then I heard a door open and shut. It was toreign and she peeked in the shower , she was bare naked and walked in with me. In a way I was pleased she decided to join in on a hot shower with me but then I was  being slowed down at the same time. "hey" she said looking at My chest.  

" hey" I respond a little above a whisper.  

it got silent a little so I continued talking. "your not really going to leave me are you?" I asked. Usually someone wouldn't care but hell I did. I just have a funny way of showing it.  

toreign shook her head no and I moved her hair out of the way .  

"can I have I kiss?" I asked 

"mhm" she said in a really soft voice as she nodded yes. 

I gripped her chin and kissed her. 

And she put her hand on the side of My face. aside from a hot kiss and small talk, nothing happened. But I do admit that looking at her body in the shower and so close to mine got he a little heated for her. We ended up washing up and we got out the shower. I threw on a Jean button up shirt that wasnt buttoned at all and a white tank top on under . I had black hammer pants on and black chucks. As for toreign she had a crop top sweatshirt and shorts with white chuck taylors. Man even when we look bumming we still are sexy together. I grabbed My iPhone and I left out while toreign had to her dress. I waited for willow and My parents to come with me and after about 20 minutes they show up. "Jaden" willow smiled 

"wassup with it?" I grinned at her and hugged her.  

"wassup with you reign?" mother asked 

"yeah hows it going " Pops nodded 

"hell... It's going" I nod back. 

"you and her having issues again?" Willow asked 

"somewhat" I bit My lip. 

"sorry bruh" she shrugged " well all them issues will go away once yoy see her bad ass outfit she's being fitted for." Willow chuckled 

"why? is it sexy?" I smiled threw My shades. 

"hell yes."  

"mmm" I bit My lip and incase yall dont know, im a huge lip biter. I even bite toreigns lips when we kiss . 

"well we'll see you at the carpet" I nodd and My parents left. I got in the back seat of a black Van that took me to My fitter. This shit took a good 7 hours along with the other 27 people ahead of me in line and at about 3 pm I was ready. finally! cheetah print pants, black supra sky tops , a black Calvin Klein short sleeve shirt with a black leather vest. Not to mention My gold chains. I was hot man and by the time it was 6 pm I was back in the van and we stopped at My house. There she came out. Toreign had on a nice fitted dress that just sculpted her body. It was a red strapless dress with sparkles all over. Her back was out and her smooth legs glowed. She had on red stiletto heels with gold chains around the very bottom. "damn" I licked My bottom lip. She was fine as fuck tonight. Not to mention her hair looked longer because it was straightend and it flowed down her back. I got out the car and opened the door for her. 

"good evening beautiful"  

"why thank you" she smiled and bit her cherry red lips.  

she got in the car and man.... That ass was whewww. Tonight im hoping we have sex. Im just preying we do.  

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