Chapter 9

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After school everyone drove home and adam said dad wanted to talk to me in his office

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After school everyone drove home and adam said dad wanted to talk to me in his office. I walked into the house and saw Grandma on the couch watching a romance movie

"Hi sweetie how was school?" she questioned

"She got into a fight and almost killed the girl" Jacob said, She stood up and hugged me whispering "I guess you still got it" I smiled and hugged her back

"Your grandfather and father are upstairs in his office" She said smiling, I made my way upstairs and went to dads office knocking on the door till I heard a "Come in" I walked in to see grandpa on the chair infront of dad and dad behind his desk. I sat down next to grandpa

"You wanted to see me?" I said

"Yes, I heard you got into a fight today" Dad said with crossed arms, I looked over at grandpa who winked at me and had a thums up

"Yes, I did have a fight today but I didn't start it"

"What happedned" Grandpa said trying to look just as upset as dad

"We'll some girl's tried holding me down while I watch them beat up Ava" I honestly don't know why I'm here at this point

"And?" Dad said waiting for me to continue

"And they were wrong to only bring two people to hold me down, Well long story short I got two with brusied stomachs, two with black eyes and one with a broken nose, did I mentioned I left three unconsious while the other two ran away" They sat there not saying anything. I slumped down in my chair waiting for someone to say something

"Hey dad?" I asked, They sat there again in silence probably stunned by me talking "Hmm?" he hummed with a small smile

"Why was I taken away?" he looked at me in the eyes and then rubbed the back of his neck before speaking

"Well uhm, your mother fell inlove with another man a while after you were born, Her and the man ran away with you and only left a note saying not to look for you. We never gave up on looking for you so when we heard your mother and stepfather died we immediately took you in" I was shoked absof*ckinglutly shoked, How could one mother be so evil to fall inlove with a f*cking d*ck like nick and leave such an amazing family behind

I stood up with dad and grandpa looking at my every move then I walked upto Dad and hugged him, I didn't know I was crying till he moved me and wiped my tears away

"What happened, Are you okay?" he asked worried

"Thank you" I said with red eyes

"For what?"

"For telling me you never gave up" hearing dad say they searched for me ever since stacey took me made me feel the only thing I wanted, Loved, His words meant the world to me and to know that all this time people loved and searched for me my whole life, it made me feel like I found what I was meant to live for which was my family and loved ones

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